Pécan Is Closing Tomorrow

PecanA sign in the window at Pécan says that the café is under new ownership and that it’ll be closed as of Tuesday for “a few weeks of upgrading.” P., who emailed me the tip, said she was told about a “new concept,” and that ” it won’t be a Starbucks, and the new owner had a few cafés elsewhere in Manhattan.” But when I went by, the cashier I spoke with said that although the name would change, it’d still be a café. And most of the staff is staying on.

Got any intel? I’m at tribecacitizen@gmail.com or 917-209-6473 (call or text). Anonymity guaranteed!

UPDATE: “The new place is going to be called Gotan,” says a reader.

Pecan sign

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  1. I go there because its convenient and because I can always get a seat and stay for a couple of hours to work. I won’t miss the uninterested staff, high prices, or mediocre food

  2. Hi Eric
    A friend of mine is a partner in another cafe in midtown with the new owner and the food and coffee are phenomenal. This will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood! And yes thank goodness it’s NOT a Starbucks.

  3. “Gotan” could be a Japanese name, FWIW (usually transliterated “goutan” with a long “o” sound, means something like forcefulness). A Japanese-style cafe could be awesome, but the name doesn’t sound like a great one for a cafe, so I doubt that it is.

  4. “Gotan” makes me thing of Gotan Project, that tango-fusion group from several years back. It’s TANGO spelled backwards so perhaps will have some sort of Argentine flair?

  5. OK, OK, not backwards, but “half-backwards”

  6. Pecan was a beautiful space. Boring food and coffee.

    A mini-chain is better than another Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.

  7. I am sad to see this. Contrary to some of the other posters, I always found the staff to be friendly and outgoing. In fact, when I left my wallet outside, the manager found it, looked at my license, and delivered it to my house.