Seen & Heard: Da Claudio Is Now Open

••• Now open: Da Claudio, the Italian restaurant at 21 Ann from Claudio and Linda Marini, two of the four former co-owners of Barbaini in the Seaport. (Ann Street is just below City Hall Park.) I hadn’t realized it’d also be a salumeria….

••• Kanlo, the tea shop at Harrison and Staple, appears to be on the verge of closing, judging from the “for lease” sign in the window.

Kanlo••• Speaking of Harrison: The 7 Harrison storefront looks great. So does the residential lobby, but I didn’t take a photo because the guys inside gave me the stink eye.

7 Harrison••• Remember how El Vez was supposed to have a “burrito bar”? That never happened, right? I haven’t been back in a while….

••• Greenmarket update from Jay:

Last days
City Hall:
Tuesday 12/19 and Friday 12/23
Tribeca Wednesdays: 12/24
Water Street: 11/20

Farmers leaving Tribeca Saturday till next season (exact dates depend on weather):
: Organic, specialty greens. Usually stays into December.
Lebak: Cut flowers and vegetables. Confirmed leaving after Thanksgiving.
Blue Moon: Wild, seasonal fish. Usually leaves end of December/early January. American Seafood takes over.
Stokes: Herbs, flowers, vegetables. Leaves sometime after Thanksgiving/early December. We’ll have another vegetable farmer come in.
Valley Shepherd: Sheep and cow’s milk cheese. Unsure about date.

What you can still find through winter:
Honey, maple syrup, bread, baked goods, grass-fed beef, pork and lamb, heritage breed duck, turkey and chicken, eggs, cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt, smoked meats, pickles, some hardy greens such as kale, root vegetables, winter squash and wild caught fish and shellfish from a different fisherman than Blue Moon.


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  1. Maybe El Vez realizes nobody will pay $17 for a burrito, not even tourists.
    And what happened to Blue Smoke? New menu not an improvement, many favorite items gone, portions reduced & prices jacked up. Enough to make it worth a pass from now on.