Seen & Heard: Property Home Decor Store Opens Friday

••• Today’s “Gotham” shoot involved lots of fog and old cars. Photo courtesy Olivia Rose.

Gotham shoot Duane Street by thebigoh••• Property, the home design store formerly of Soho, says it’ll soft-open its 57 Walker store on Friday.

••• Brookfield Place’s Vesey Street entrance is coming along. The photo isn’t that clear, but that’s all glass in the middle.

Brookfield Place Vesey entrance••• And Canstruction, in the Winter Garden through Thursday (10 6 p.m.), is always worth checking out.

••• I had to turn to Urban Dictionary for Bare Tribeca’s sign. (“Lack of distinction of a thigh and a butt. Her face is attractive, but she’s got a real serious case of thutt.”)

thutt at Barre Tribeca••• In September, it was reported that the Hamptons’ Elements Fitness Studio is opening an outpost in Tribeca and a pop-up while it worked on the lease. Well, the pop-up is at 30 Wall Street. Wait, I just saw on its website that a Tribeca studio is opening in January of 2015. Anyone know where?

••• Morris Adjmi’s intriguing “cast-iron inversion”—which will look as if a cast-iron building was pressed into the façade—at 83 Walker is above ground.

83 Walker••• A reader’s advice on film shoots: “If you’re really curious, you can call 311 and tell them you have a question about a film crew in the neighborhood. They’ll give you the number to the office that deals with the permits and crews. That office will either tell you who is filming or will forward you directly to the production company that deals with the locations.”

••• The T-Mobile shop next to Whole Foods is closed for renovation till Nov. 24.



  1. Yeah, that is a great use of taxpayer dollars by calling 311. Just check online, you can usually find someone who knows.