Adeline Adeline Has Closed

Adeline AdlelineAdeline Adeline, the stylish bike shop on Reade, is closing. The announcement:

With a heavy heart, we must announce: This weekend will be your very last chance to shop at Adeline Adeline. Our Very Nice Bicycle Shop is closing it’s doors as of this Sunday November 16th. Please come say goodbye, everything is very inexpensive, we have many bikes still looking for their forever homes.

It’s a shame—Adeline Adeline is exactly the kind of independent shop that gives a neighborhood character. Plus, they were nice.

UPDATE: Clearly I have no idea what the date is or I wouldn’t have included that announcement. The shop closed as of last Sunday.



  1. Pookie and Sebastian is moving in. I heard Adeline Adeline is getting a new home

    • No Adeline Adeline are closed for good. I purchased a bike from them a few days before closing, they were all terribly nice. I would have loved to have done more business with them. At least I have an incredible bike and for that I’m grateful to Adeline Adeline.