Seen & Heard: Bikram Yoga NYC Is Still On

••• Bikram Yoga NYC co-owner Jen Lobo Plamondon says that, despite what I had heard, the 158 Duane plans are still on! “We have had to re-route some mechanical plans which has set us back many months but there has certainly not been any change in our lease. We had high hopes of opening by January but it is probably looking like spring at this point.”

••• Steven Alan Home Shop is now staying on Franklin until at least June. (Last we had heard, it was moving to Williamsburg after Christmas.)

••• Enough of 460 Washington has been revealed that we can get a pretty good sense of what it’ll look like when it’s done. Click to enlarge.

460 washington••• White Street has introduced a bar menu. (Thanks to @SaraDISHnyc for the heads up.)

White Street bar menu••• Check out these wonderful paintings by Marc Dalessio. I saw one on Twitter, so I asked if I could run it, but before he answered, his sister, Andrea Pivnick, emailed it to me to see if I’d like to run it! Even better, there were two more from the area. (Dalessio, who lives in Croatia, was just visiting.)

Print Seller by Marc Dalessio The Freedom Tower from West Broadway by Marc Dalessio