Seen & Heard: Church Street Park Potential

••• The contents of Megu (both Megus, actually) are being auctioned off. I call dibs on the white tiger artwork! P.S. I’m not kidding.

••• I was walking up that half-assed peninsula the Department of Transportation has created between Church and Sixth—where 100 Franklin developer DDG has proposed a sort of park—and I thought about Troy’s recent comment: “The real opportunity seems to be up the road a bit on Church. There’s no need for all those unused car lanes up there between Franklin and Canal. Putting Church on a road diet would add much needed green space, slow down speeding cars and help local businesses.” Why did the DOT take Church down to one lane, only to have it go back up to three? It would be sort of great if the new park extended up along the east side of the Tribeca Grand.

Church Street••• Has there been any sign of work lately at Tetsu, the teppanyaki restaurant that chef Masa Takayama has long had in the works on Leonard?

••• We haven’t checked in on 56 Leonard in a while….

56 Leonard••• Shopping for the common good:

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