Seen & Heard: Heartthrob Trifecta

••• We can get a sense of what Man of the World would like to do to the roof of 1 White Street.

1 White••• The sidewalk shed at 137 W. Broadway (at Worth) was being taken down yesterday, revealing the second floor. (That’s the building with the funky corner window on the top floor.)

••• Looks like something is happening in the former Selia Yang bridal shop at 71 Franklin—the windows have been papered. Know anything? Email

71 Franklin••• Anyone know why the cops who park on Warren (at Broadway) insist on parking on the sidewalk? To avoid getting sideswiped?

cop cars on Warren••• That screaming you hear is girls getting excited for Austin Mahone’s appearance at Barnes & Noble Tribeca on Dec. 9. Between that, Justin Bieber’s recent visit to Aire Ancient Baths—FYI, that link is to Perez Hilton, if you have standards—and Robert Pattinson reportedly checking out a loft on Laight Street, my ongoing Twitter search on “Tribeca” is about to bust.