In the News: Attempted Rape of 81-Year-Old Woman

••• “Thousands of people took to the streets blocking bridges and tunnels leading in and out of Manhattan Thursday for the second night of protests over a grand jury’s decision not to indict an NYPD officer in the death of Eric Garner.” Photo by @altafsharif. —DNAinfo

••• “A man sexually assaulted and tried to rape an 81-year-old woman in the stairwell of her Tribeca apartment building Thursday afternoon, cops said. The thug followed her into the elevator of the Beekman Street building shortly before 1 p.m.” —New York Post

••• Meryl Streep needs a new oven. —New York Post

••• The guys running Terroir have decided to split up their partnership; Marco Canora will take Hearth, while Paul Grieco will take the Terroirs. —Eater

••• “Hundreds of fed-up fast food workers stormed a lower Manhattan McDonald’s [at Chambers and Greenwich] Thursday as part of a nationwide demonstration calling for a minimum-wage hike. The protesters clogged the eatery on Chambers St. near Greenwich St., blowing whistles and vuvuzelas and chanting for a $15 minimum wage.” —New York Daily News



  1. … And they can take that $15 / hr raise and spend it on a $12 burger!
    I empathize but pay needs to be commensurate with skills and value provided

    It’s called capitalism…

  2. It’s also called a LIVING WAGE! Something I’m sure few in Tribeca could understand. But their nannies probably do…