Seen & Heard: Workers Spotted at Gourmet Garage

••• Checking in on 115 Nassau, the Beekman hotel-condo tower going up next to 5 Beekman. It’s just about the same height as the 30-story Lara at 113 Nassau—so imagine how tall it’ll be when all of its 51 stories are done.

115 Nassau••• Yesterday’s Seen & Heard mention about the Weinstein & Holtzman hardware store at 29 Park Row closing prompted Luis to comment: “Previously the owner had been adamant that he would not sell as he did great business here. However, his building (which they own) sits smack in the middle of the other parcels that are owned by the J&R people. I think this means that they have agreed to sell; making all the parcels north of the landmark 15 Park Row one contiguous potential building site. Not sure how high they could go as they could potentially block views from 113 Nassau (rental) and the under construction (115 Nassau) aka 5 Beekman Condos. Maybe all of the air rights could be concentrated on the corner of Beekman and Park Row?” As you can see from the photo below—the best I could do to try and get all of it in—the potential plot is huge. And I don’t think neighboring buildings’ views are a factor when it comes to air rights. Then Kacee said that “Rumor is that the developer of 115 Nassau is the purchaser of the hardware store.” But would the Beekman hotel/condo developer want that building to put an entrance on Park Row? Or simply to stop a major development from seriously (and negatively) impacting 5 Beekman and 115 Nassau? Because presumably a lot of money is involved.

Park Row•••From Trinity Wall Street: “On December 19, we are screening National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on the big screen, for free, at St Paul’s Chapel. This is part of a new neighborhood movie series we are launching over the next six months. It’s free, there will be popcorn, etc.” Details.

••• The Friends of Washington Market Park holiday party got pushed to Sunday (because of tomorrow’s rainy forecast).

••• Andrea Karr posted a peek inside the Nexxus salon at 39 N. Moore.

••• Good news: A reader reports that workers have finally been spotted at the Gourmet Garage opening at Broadway and Franklin.

••• Want your pet’s photo taken with Santa? You’re in luck: The Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital is offering it on Dec. 16 (and its sister facilities on other days).

••• The sooner you take the “Best of 2014” survey and we get to an acceptable number of responses, the sooner I’ll stop pestering you. So do it now! It’s actually sort of fun! (If you overlook the fact that I forgot certain contenders and now have to figure out what to do about it.)

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  1. Arcade has the best bread in New York

  2. How about: best new fitness Bikram Yoha Soho
    Is Distilled new enough for new restaurant?
    What about Cast Iron House for new residence I want to live in?

    • BYS opened in December 2013. Distilled opened in June 2013. Cast Iron House could’ve been on the list—had to draw the line somewhere. Probably should’ve included 7 Harrison, if anything else….