In the News: Stuyvesant Stockbroker Made It All Up

••• Mohammed Islam, that Stuyvesant High School stockbroker in New York magazine, made the entire story up. —New York Observer (photo detail by Bobby Doherty courtesy New York magazine)

••• The New York Times recaps the North Cove Marina situation. Somehow, I thought Brookfield and Island Global (whose chairman is Cuomo crony Andrew Farkas) were separate bidders, when they’re partnering on it. “Both Brookfield and Island Global’s chairman, Andrew Farkas, have been generous donors to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who appointed four of the five Battery Park City Authority members, and Mr. Cuomo once worked for Island Capital Group, also run by Mr. Farkas. The governor’s office said on Monday that it had been told that the authority was going to seek new bids for the marina, as is standard when a license expires. The office said it was not aware of any details of the bidding until The New York Times asked about it. ‘The authority ran a comprehensive procurement process based solely on the merit of the applications and with zero input from the governor’s office,’ it said in a statement.” What did anyone expect them to say? So we’re just supposed to trust Cuomo—an absurd proposition. Given the obvious conflict of interest, the bidding process must be made transparent. (By the way, where are the other elected officials on this? Normally, this would be an irresistible opportunity for grandstanding. One certainly wonders how much Brookfield has donated to Sheldon Silver, Deborah Glick, Daniel Squadron, Margaret Chin, et al…. At a bare minimum, they should be pushing the BPCA to disclose the details of the bids.) Last thought: Since everyone else can have a conflict of interest, the BPCA member who recused herself should reconsider. If we must be expected to trust Cuomo, then we can certainly trust her.

••• A report on yesterday’s rally in support of Michael Fortenbaugh and the way he has run North Cove Marina. —Broadsheet

••• “Check out details of the Seaport redevelopment plan online. A 203-slide proposal—which shows the sweeping changes to the area that are set to go before the Landmarks Preservation Commission for approval—is now available on the Community Board 1 website.” —DNAinfo

••• “The current head of the financially-sinking South Street Seaport Museum addressed Community Board 1’s Seaport/Civic Center Committee on last night to share good news: the beloved neighborhood institution won’t be getting the boot  [….] Chris Curry, senior executive vice president for development at HHC, popped his head into the crowded room to confirm that the museum will have the space it needs. Exactly what that means is still unclear. There is still no formal plan for the future of the museum, but Boulware again emphasized that it will have to be a leaner museum with a smaller fleet of ships and a smaller footprint.” —Curbed

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  1. Good point Eric. Why are the politicians being so quiet? Also, i attended the rally last night along with close to 300 other people from BPC supporting the local operator, Mike Fortenbaugh.

    Where were the superstars from Community board 1 BPC Committee on this issue???? Clearly with 300 people supporting, i think that qualifies as community support. Why did CB1 chose NOT to represent the community on this issue???

    Why did Community Board 1 BPC only suggest, “giving a resolution which states they don’t support anyone in the RFP?” That was Anthony Notaro’s brilliant idea — and he was serious. I thought he was joking, but alas, he was serious.

  2. Eric, you are totally right. It is too bad that CB1 could not be more strenuous on this front. Honestly it makes you wonder if Anthony Notaro got $500 to keep CB1 out of it–it is just crazy that his leadership on this front was painfully absent.
    CB1 could easily have passed a strongly worded resolution demanding transparency of the process–where was the RFP published? What did the RFP contain, what was the scoring template for those proposals?

    And if they were feeling particularly bold, might they not have passed a resolution saying that they they believe the RFP should include how the new vendor will make the marina an active recreation area in the community. If a vendor has plans to maintain and enhance the marina as part of the community–great. Right now, we don’t know and CB1 suspiciously side stepped a strong response.

    Letters in the Broadsheet are in and of themselves not going to change the momentum.

  3. It’s EriK. EriK!!!! K! K! K! K!