Seen & Heard: Protest in Duane Park

••• There’s going to be a die-in at Duane Park on Thursday Wednesday.

Die in Duane Park••• Noteworthy intel in a comment from Nicole V.: “I was at the Chelsea Fairway not long after the ‘chatter’ [about Fairway trying to get out of its Tribeca lease] and asked a floor manager about it. She said they were told the Tribeca store is ‘delayed, not canceled.’ Also, last week when I was at Century 21 I got into a conversation with a salesperson in their new mini-J&R and he told me that Century 21 bought the rights to the name ‘J&R’ as part of the bankruptcy sale. Also that Century 21 did not take any of the real estate along Park Row and he heard that the newish building at Park Row and Ann Street was going to be covered into offices.”

••• Nice to see a tree on Greenwich getting replaced. Hard to tell now that winter has basically come, but an awful lot of trees in the neighborhood have died. (At least I thought it was being planted and not removed, but is it normal to plant trees in December?)

tree••• Opening Jan. 10 at Taymour Grahne Gallery: “the story, like all stories, is incomplete, a multimedia exhibition of new work by Greek-born, London-based artist Rania Bellou. Curated by Vali Mahlouji, the exhibition centers around a found diary, dating back to 1940 and belonging to New York resident Margaret Becker. Reconstructing Margaret’s moments into her own, while visualizing and layering time, Bellou brings the diary to life in her most recent drawings accompanied by a projection, animation and a hand-stitched book of drawings.”

Turning a Hundred Times Around II by Rania Bellou courtesy Taymour Grahne Gallery••• 76 Laight has been covered for a long time, right? I was walking up Washington today and it looked especially pretty.

76 Laight



  1. They do realize that Duane Park isn’t really a large park, but more like a curved sidewalk, right? My daughter will die-in for about 30-35 minutes, but then has to get to a long over due playdate with Katie Von Dooglesworth! And we all know that Katie’s mom will NOT be kept waiting. BFFs…hopefully.

  2. Wait, today is Thursday?