Has Josephine Closed?

M. emailed a photo of the sign in Josephine’s window that says “technical problems” have forced the restaurant to close “today.” But he added that it’s “been closed for past 4 days. Is she out of business?”

The website doesn’t work (it goes to a spam page about acne treatment); nor does the phone. The Facebook page hasn’t been updated since January. On the other hand, the café furniture is still outside, and holiday cookies and other foods are visible in the display cases.

It sure looks like it’s closed for good, and if so, I don’t expect many of us would be surprised. But Josephine being Josephine, this could all be standard operating procedure. I’m calling around to see if I can find out for sure. If you know anything, let’s hear it.

UPDATE: The woman I thought was the owner emailed me that “I live in London now and I don’t have much news.”

UPDATE #2: I just heard from someone who would know that Josephine did indeed close.

Josephine interior



  1. This place has so much charm and promise, but I’ve never experienced worse service in my life. I amazed they hung on this long.

    • With you on that. So much potential, so little service. On my last and final visit, I waited 1+ hrs for an undercooked omelette, and that was giving them a second chance on similar prior inexcusable offense.

  2. I for one am sorry to hear this. I know service was spotty but they were always very warm to me and I loved their goat cheese salad and iced coffee. Not surprised, but saddened.