New Restaurant Opening on Greenwich Street

508Exciting news about the 508 space on Greenwich just below Spring: By April (in the best-case scenario), it’ll be the home of chef Ned Baldwin’s restaurant, Houseman. Baldwin spent five years at Prune (including two as chef de cuisine), and most recently, ran a series of acclaimed pop-up dinners in the North Fork town of Orient in the summer of 2013.

The Houseman website describes Baldwin’s cooking as “strongly influenced by classic French and Italian and British cuisine, his Seattleite grandmother’s jicama crudité plate, his wife’s grandmother’s holiday brisket, and just about everything he’s ever eaten in Chinatown. Last summer he returned from a trip to Israel with 4 kg of assorted spices, all of which have found their way into his food.” Dishes on the sample menu include:

Triple liver mousse
Pickled bluefish in cream
Squid and heirloom beans in sofrito
Dukkah potatoes
Celery, fennel, leek, feta, green sauce
Slow sticky pork
Salt-baked fish dinner for four or more

The pictures below are from the pop-up and other events; the food at the Greenwich Street restaurant will be similar-to-but-different. “That was one big room, with 70 people eating at the same time—and the food was engineered accordingly,” says Baldwin. “I’m all about context. In the North Fork, I was sourcing entirely—to greatest extent possible, but not in a politicized way—from Long Island. I have a house out there and I’m friends with the farmer around the corner and the guy who owns the fish store.” He says that he’s hoping to open a restaurant on the North Fork in the future.

In the meantime, 508 is still open.

(Thanks to the readers who contributed information!)

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