In the News: The Middle-School Crunch

••• In Curbed‘s battle-of-the-neighborhoods poll, Tribeca and FiDi advanced to the second round, where they’ll face City Island and the Flatiron District, respectively.

••• Downtown Express visits the NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital.

••• “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will give an inaugural address for his second term at the World Trade Center.” —Wall Street Journal

••• “The Middle School Crunch: Has ‘Choice’ Become a Roll of the Dice?” —Downtown Express

••• “Community Board 1 seeks new members.” Downtown Post has the link to apply.

••• Southbridge Towers update: “The State Attorney General certified the result of the voting as legally valid, which marked the beginning of a 90-day ‘exclusive period’ (ending on March 3), during which residents must decide whether to sign participation agreements. If two-thirds of eligible resident sign these agreements, the privatization process will move on to the next step. If fewer than this number agree to participate, the process may have to start all over. But if this minimum threshold is reached, the final steps in the process are expected to take up to one year, before the Attorney General’s office finally signs off and Southbridge can formally cease to participate in the Mitchell-Lama program.” —Broadsheet

southbridge ramp2

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  1. Let’s hope Tribeca loses to Fidi. We don’t need the publicity or attention. It’s bad enough the anarchists held a die-in here last week.
    Does anyone know if they all died?