Seen & Heard: Whole Foods Tribeca Now Has a Juice Bar

••• Whole Foods Tribeca has opened a juice bar. Kind of amazing it didn’t do this years ago….

Whole Foods juice bar••• “They’re restoring the view of WTC from the stairs at Brookfield Place,” emails a reader. I’m out of town so if anyone wants to email a photo to, please do.

••• Could the Hudson reconstruction nightmare be ending? Or at least this phase of it? Andrea sent in this photo…. Last time I asked the DDC, I didn’t hear back. (For all I know the fencing has gone right back up.)

Hudson••• I just heard that the Harrison decided to sell a bunch of stuff today. Not sure how long it’s going on for.

••• Still no guesses on Where in Tribeca…?

••• We learned the other day that the Anish Kapoor sculpture at 56 Leonard will be 20 feet tall—but look at the recent photo below and the rendering below it. There ‘s no way the first floor is 20 feet high. Maybe they meant 20 feet wide?

56 Leonard56 leonard••• An update from Manhattan Sailing Club:

The good news is that Community Board 1 met on Thursday and unanimously passed a resolution (36-0) requesting that the Battery Park City Authority withdraw their RFP for a new operator for North Cove Marina, and extend the current contract with North Cove Marina Management.

There reasons were simple: The current RFP assigns little importance to an operator’s ability to provide community-based services, and there has been zero public input into the process. The Community Board points out that the public interest requires public input into the decision, plus a greater emphasis on a requirement for community-based services.

Now, here’s what we need to do:

Contact your elected representatives and tell them to demand that the Battery Park City Authority adhere to the Community Board’s resolution. Tell them you support the Community Board’s request for public input, and that you support a new RFP with a strong requirement for community-based services.

Send your e-mails to or call by phone the following representatives:

Governor Cuomo:, 518-474-8390

Speaker Sheldon Silver:, 212-312-1420

State Senator Daniel Squadron:, 212-298-5565

NYC Council Member Margaret Chin:, 212-587-3159

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  1. anyone got any info on the Harrison sale items? would love some of the bar stools at home…

  2. Re the sculpture: maybe they mean 20 ft. high before it gets squashed?

  3. Re: Hudson at North Moore, fences still gone, watermain junction covered, area paved and sealed, even some white stripes (not the band) slapped on the street.

    Perhaps even the bus stop will return at some point after a 6(?) year absence….naw!

  4. >>••• “They’re restoring the view of WTC from the stairs at Brookfield Place,”

    I don’t think so. You’ve been able to see the WTC from the balcony on the cube at the top of the stairs for some time. I don’t think you could ever really see it from the stairs themselves. They’ve just changed some of the plywood paneling at the top and removed some on the north side where the stores will be.

    And the ground floor passageway behind the stairs has changed from the south side to the north side. Those of us who have been suffering through this from the beginning will remember that the open passage was on the north when this all began while they were working on the drugstore. As Stephen Colbert says, we’ve made a 360 degree revolution and are right back where we started.

  5. Regarding the Anish Kapoor, look at that rendering (which I am sure is approximate). If the taller figure in front of it is near 6ft tall, then the sculpture would indeed be around 20ft. And it will be way more than 20ft wide! Here are some more pics from Anish’s website, cool and instructive…

    • Points taken (and thanks for that link!). But when you’re standing there, it just doesn’t seem like 20 feet

      • The first floor definitely isn’t 20ft, you’re right! The sculpture extends up into the second story. If you look at the last pic on Anish’s website, you’ll see the profile view.