In the News: “Real Housewife” Now Owns a Tribeca Restaurant

••• Discovering_NYC tweeted this image (of unknown provenance): “New York from the north, 1679. This area, known as the Lispenard Meadows, is now the northern edge of Tribeca.”

••• “The NYPD slowed down on ticketing bicyclists this year, while the department increased the number of jaywalking summonses issued.” Argh! —New York Post

••• “A newly single ‘Real Housewives of New York’ reality TV star has a new title: restaurateur. Ramona Singer is now a partner in AOA Bar & Grill [….] Singer and her partner, Peter Guimaraes, took over the 6,000- square-foot, 190-seat restaurant a month ago.” They say they’re “slowing making [it] better.”—New York Post

••• From FiDi Fan Page on Facebook: “WeWork is one of the stars of the new FiDi! The 4 year old startup, which is headquartered at 222 Broadway, provides office space (mostly for other start ups) and is now valued at $5 Billion! Buried in this article on their success is news that is very important to the Financial District. They confirm they are working on a new product that includes Living Spaces in addition to work. The location is not stated, but I know it is 110 Wall Street. The tower has been completely empty since Sandy. The base will contain office space, while the set back top will have micro apartments which will house people who have office space below. The concept will be called WeWork/WeLive.”

••• “A development site at Greenwich and Charlton Streets”—the address is 535 Greenwich—”promises to be among the first to bear fruit from Hudson Square’s 2013 rezoning. Images uncovered on the website of Fernando Romero EnterprisE (FR-EE) detail a 26-floor, 116-unit condominium along the quiet commercial edge of the neighborhood. The L-shaped lot is owned by the developer Cape Advisors.” It’s not known if the design is final. —6sqft (via Curbed)




  1. The $5B valuation for WeWork is wrong. its 1.5B, still a very big number.