Seen & Heard: Adoro Lei Pizzeria Is Open

••• Archie reports that Adoro Lei opened for brunch yesterday, and the pizza restaurant in the old Antarctica space (on Hudson, below Spring) subsequently tweeted that it’ll be serving dinner on Dec. 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, and 30. The menu looks good:

Adoro Lei menu••• 56 Leonard, part 1: Michael Hahn tweeted this interesting photo-vs.-rendering from a terrace at 101 Leonard. (Hey, anyone know what’s going in the storefront there?)

56 Leonard by michaelhahn7••• 56 Leonard, part 2: CC commented that I might be wrong about questioning the 20 foot height of the Anish Kapoor sculpture coming to 56 Leonard. But more interesting, CC directed us all to this page on Kapoor’s website, notable for photos from the creative process. I want to play with Anish Kapoor!

56 Leonard courtesy Anish Kapoor••• From Community Board 1: “Community Board 1 School Map & Data Package has been posted to our website. The document contains maps and information on schools within Community District 1. Prepared by Diana Switaj, Director of Planning & Land Use and Jeff Sun, Community Planning Fellow.” I don’t follow the school scene enough to know if the package (which is a PDF, if you care) is news or just for our reference.


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  1. For what it’s worth, info re the Spruce Street school is inaccurate on the PDF. Lists the school as going up to 4th grade, which the current 50 or so 5th graders at Spruce may take issue with. (Spruce’s middle school also opens in 2015; if this reflects 2015, fails to list that also )