Local Lens: Clay Benskin

Last month, the New York Times profiled Clay Benskin, who is a superintendent in Tribeca and a photographer fantastically adept at capturing those magical moments that seem to happen more in New York City than anywhere else. (You may recall his wonderful photo of the couple smooching on the subway.) We finally connected, and he was fine with my running a photo essay of his work. I asked if he wouldn’t mind choosing the images, since he knows what was shot around here, and he came back with 33 photos. Score! So here’s part 1. Brace yourself—you’re about to encounter pretty much every emotion on the spectrum. It’s heady stuff. Click to enlarge.

P.S. He’s fun to follow on Instagram, too.

Clay Benskin1 Clay Benskin2 Clay Benskin3 Clay Benskin4 Clay Benskin5 Clay Benskin6 Clay Benskin7 Clay Benskin8 Clay Benskin9 Clay Benskin10 Clay Benskin11 Clay Benskin12 Clay Benskin13 Clay Benskin15 Clay Benskin16



  1. Wow, amazing stuff- a Eugène Atget or Vivian Maier for our times.

  2. Wonderful. Thanks. Black and white still is best for city photos.

  3. Great captures! Thanks for sharing.

  4. A major talent! First class work. Where can I see more?