Bareburger Is Open

Bareburger burgerChristine reports that Bareburger is open at 155 William (at Ann). Never been to one, myself, but I know several folks who swear by it. As the menu states, “All Bareburger meats are free-range, pasture-raised, humanely raised, [and] antibiotic-, gluten-, and hormone-free.”

The photos are all from Bareburger; check out the side-eye being delivered by the woman sitting below the menu (click to enlarge)…. Judging from the pix, the restaurant serves beer, uses Sir Kensington ketchup, and has a “phone trap” so you will order without being device-distracted. The menu is also below, and they deliver.

courtesy Bareburger2courtesy Bareburger3courtesy Bareburger5 courtesy Bareburger7courtesy Bareburger4Bareburger FiDi menu1Bareburger FiDi menu2Bareburger map courtesy Google Maps



  1. The photo of the woman is hilarious! Clearly it is a candid photo.

  2. do they deliver to tribeca?