Seen & Heard: Scholastic Is Closing Its Store

••• The reader who goes by the name of Hudson River sent over a Brookfield Place update: “The first harbinger of retail has appeared to the left of the staircase: Tory Burch ‘opening spring 2015.’ Also, the convoluted passageway from the plaza to Vesey Street has been modified so that you now walk straight through what used to be the food court to the new Vesey Street exit, and then through a new plywood construction (they never seem to run out of plywood, do they?) to the actual sidewalk.”

Tory Burch at Brookfield Place by Hudson River••• I got copied on a letter from a R. to Scholastic about the closing of its store, which I undeerstand was popular with area parents. From the release: “Scholastic […] will be adding 7,500 square feet of valuable retail space at 557 Broadway in SoHo. The project, which will begin in the spring, will move the Scholastic corporate entrance to Mercer Street and requires closing The Scholastic Store” on Jan. 11.

••• John Willenbecher’s mini-memoir mentioned a book of cat photographs, Ernie, by Tony Mendoza—and I just heard back from Mendoza that it’s OK to run one of the photos in the post. (And I can’t resist running another one now.) The photos are charming; the book is for sale here.

••• From a reader: “Is anyone else having weird experiences with Morgan’s Market lately? We’ve ordered from Morgan’s practically daily for ten years, and suddenly are being accused of everything from stealing roses to sending back orders which we never received. I think there is a new young manager…. I am truly just wondering what is going on, and if there are other people who have noticed some strangeness too.”

••• P. found this in a book of verse by Garrison Keillor (from a series of NYC limericks):

A lady who lived in Tribeca
Said, “New York is heaven! A Mecca!
Though sometimes I long
For a chickadee’s song
Or the sound of a tufted woodpecca.

••• The 1st Precinct posted this photo on Twitter, saying it’s Canal and W. Broadway circa 1981.

Canal WBway circa 81 courtesy NYPD1Pct

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  1. …and the church in the background that is now the SoHo Grand!

  2. Correct. Church was before my time- I think its problem was that it was built in an area with a high water table, so it was basically sinking into the ground for years. But gas station was still here when I moved to Tribeca.

  3. I haven’t noticed a difference at Morgan’s but I don’t order in like you do. The cashiers seem to be the same nice people who always remember what I purchase on a regular basis through the years.
    If you haven’t already, I would go in and talk to the manager in person. I’m sure they would want to know what’s been happening as of late as I am sure they won’t want to lose you as a customer.