You’ll Never Guess Who’s Sniffing Around the Harrison Space

The Harrison“This is a rumor, and you aren’t going to like it,” said the text message. “Starbucks is looking at the Harrison space. I can’t tell you more about the source, and it could be early in their review and there are likely others considering it.”

This kind of thing is generally unconfirmable—neither Starbucks nor the owner of the commercial space are likely to talk, even if there is an agreement signed. But if you know anything, I’m at or 917-209-6473.

UPDATE: I hear from a source that in recent years Starbucks has been looking pretty aggressively for a spot on Greenwich.

harrison 33011 by tirbeca citizen

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  1. Just what Tribeca needs another Starbucks…

  2. My hopes for another nail salon have been dashed.

  3. Personally… I was hoping for a combination Starbucks, Nail Salon, Duane Reade,TD Bank and fitness club. A Mini Mall.

  4. How about a Chinese restaurant? (Not a fancy, pricey one.) There was a time long, long ago when there were 4 in a three block area on Greenwich Street.

  5. Oh for Pete’s sake… I’d rather have a Walmart or Pizza Hut in that location rather than another of Seattle’s finest caffeinated tar vendors. Can’t the TT protest this and put a stop to it? Where is Lynn Ellsworth when you need her?

  6. This may be worse news than the Harrison closing.

  7. Ultimately it’s the greed of the landlord that’s responsible for the transformation of the Harrison into Starbucks. Who is the landlord? He/she should be outed and publicly shamed.

    • This seems like an opportune moment to remind everyone that it’s only a rumor that Starbucks is possibly interested in the space.

    • i’m going to come out of the closet as someone whose life would not be over if this space turned into a Starbucks. given all of the calamities happening in the city these days perhaps we could focus our energy on ‘shaming’ those who have truly wronged our neighbors?

    • The retail space appears to be a condominium unit sold for $8,350,000 in October 2013 to an SPE LLC controlled by Walter & Samuels.

      The building above is condo/coop.

  8. HILARIOUS COMMENTS from everyone!!!

  9. hst is right. But how do we properly publicly shame someone these days? And what was the landlord’s offense again? Anyways, my pitchfork tips are being sharpened and my torches are being kerosened! Live free of Starbucks or cry!!
    Dump the coffee grounds in the Hudson! Capitalism is for pussies!

  10. Won’t happen. Isn’t it a bit too large for a Starbucks? Also, why wouldn’t they take the old Peace and Love spot?

  11. More premium coffee…. Just what this neighborhood needs. Maybe they will split the space with a nail salon? ;)

  12. Now if I called Independence Plaza home, Starbucks would be a great add. I can get to meet fancy bankers who live on the other side of the divide!


  13. Here’s an idea- if it, or anywhere else on Greenwich becomes a Starbucks- and nobody patronizes it, eventually it will close. Then an artisanal fusion pet food take out establishment can safely open.

  14. The end of “TriBeCa” as we baby boomers knew it.

  15. No, the end for the “old” Tribeca was back when RiverRun closed…

  16. These comments are indeed hilarious and slightly out of touch. I love the nostalgia and reminiscences of how things used to be….but alas there is no turning back. Does anyone believe in market forces anymore. Should Starbucks open in this location, and as everyone of here predicts there is no “need” for another such establishment….then it will remain empty and unsuccessful and without neighborhood support it will shrivel up and die. But if it opens and there are lines out the door, then perhaps the complainers are in the minority. We shall see. But the most troubling comment was that this landlord should be outed for his greed, Modern day McCarthy-ism! As Smithers asked: What was the landlord’s offense again? When a lease expires, a landlord will usually ask a realtor to come in evaluate the space and suggest a rent. Are folks suggesting that a landlord should ignore economic factors and supply and demand and just lease out his space below market to a charming mom and pop shop to maintain the fabric of the community. Get real.

  17. Marc obviously has no idea what McCarthyism actually involved. Nor much of an ear for irony either. Nonetheless: one man’s “market forces” is another man’s greed. There’s no such thing as “market forces”: you might as well believe in voodoo.

  18. McCarthyism, Salem witch hunts….take your pick. Er….analogy. At least you redeemed (revealed) yourself with the statement: There’s no such thing as market forces. The good news is that soon you’ll be able to fly to Cuba directly.

  19. Why doesn’t Starbucks take the Macaron spot? Closer to BMCC and Stuyvesant, and obviously Macaron is on a death-watch. No more than 5 people in there at a time, ever…

  20. Of course market forces drive the evolution of a neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that might be done. If the landlord’s info were made public, there might be communication from the community. He has the right to make his money, but that doesn’t mean that as a property owner he can’t be discriminate in who comes in. And that said, I bet there will be lines at this – for now hypothetical – Starbucks. Rarely do we see Starbucks close. Does anyone have info on the landlord?

  21. I would think somewhere South closer to Chambers Street too where all the subways empty to WTC and WFC but I guess Citi could keep them in business in that space.

  22. Don’t we have enough places to buy over priced coffee? It would be a shame to not use the out door area that we enjoyed so much.

  23. @RFD….now we are on the same page! I totally agree that a landlord should work with the local neighborhood as well as the local Community Board and help lay out the fabric of the community. In a strong market, there are probably multiple prospective tenants so theoretically the landlord could pick the “right” tenant.

    But there is one thing I’m struggling with. Why does the person on the line at Starbucks who is presumably happy that Starbucks came to the neighborhood have any less right to choose than the folks who are anti Starbucks?

    For the record:

  24. Oh Great How about another Nail Salon or a Juice Bar.
    Tribeca is becoming a Gastronomic Wasteland.

  25. Bless you John for recalling Riverrun. Best pad Thai ever.

  26. I heard it’s going to be the first NYC outpost of Professor V.J. Cornucopia’s Fantastic Foodmagorium and Great American Steakery. They were big in Springfield.

  27. i’d pretty much take anything over starbucks

  28. Please don’t curse Macaroon. They make delicious sandwiches