Details Emerge About the 101 Murray Tower

101-Murray2A reader emailed about a zoning document he/she found for 101 Murray—the tower going up at the northeast corner of Murray and West—on the Department of Buildings website. The screengrabs below won’t be as large or as clear as if you click through to the PDF. Obviously, the red annotations are mine.

What the plans show:

1. The building, which we know is tall and skinny from the renderings that have leaked, does not extend to the sidewalk on any side. This is good news for some of the people who live in nearby buildings (for their views won’t be totally compromised). The street-level area around the building is labeled “terrace” on the plans. I can’t quite make out the terrace elevation, but I think it says +11 feet—which seems high, until you realize what it’d take to feel like you’re not on West Street. Can it possibly be open to the public?

2. There’s a circular driveway off Murray (we had been wondering whether they’d choose Murray or West), and the driveway appears to rise around 9 feet (and then you walk up a few steps to the lobby). There’s a garden wall, natch, off the lobby.

3. The smelly, noisy Whole Foods freight entrance is buffered by a 1,264-sq.-ft. retail space on Murray.

4. Cellar level, meanwhile, does extend to the perimeter. There are some parking spots, a “fitness/spa amenity” with swimming pool, and a pet spa. (Which is the next best thing to room for a new school, if you think about it.) I have to imagine that the laundry facility in the basement is for the gym, pool, and pet spa.

5. In the plans for the roof, you can see the building’s footprint juxtaposed with the (wider) roof—which jibes with the renderings showing a cantilevered top.

101 Murray cellar plan101 Murray ground floor101 Murray roofThe  reader also pointed out that the developer, Witkoff, includes it on its website (listing it twice, both times as 111 Murray and with images of 101 Barclay). Witkoff’s page says it’s 433,800 square feet, 54-stories, designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox, and with 145 condos. Sales will open in 2015.

The DOB confirms that “111 Murray” is the new address. But the plans there say that the building will be 62 stories.