In the News: Updates on Eataly and Le District

Le District2••• The New York Post‘s dining preview says that Brookfield Place’s Le District will open in late March—its Beaubourg resturant had been said to be opening earlier, but I guess that changed—and Eataly will open in the summer (in 4WTC).

••• The New York Post liked Little Park.

••• A report on last night’s town hall about North Cove Marina. —Broadsheet

••• Unsurprisingly, Crain’s is pro–Seaport development—although some of its conclusions seem to have been pulled from thin air: “It’s a heartening sign that organic support from community residents for the project coalesced into an effective organization called Friends of the Seaport. The group countered the hysterics of the NIMBYists and gave voice to the prevailing sentiment among lower Manhattan’s many new families that the basic premise of the plan is sound: The residential tower will generate revenue to fund an impressive array of public benefits at no cost to taxpayers.”



  1. I found that comment in Crain’s great. There IS a lot of support from local residents and I am among them. Many of my neighbors also support the project and we love our neighborhood no less than those who are opposed. It’s nice to see it acknowledged rather than the standard impression given that everyone who lives here is opposed. This article correctly acknowledges that there are indeed LOTS of supporters. :-)

  2. Crain’s piece sounds like it borrowed heavily from Hughes Corp press releases. Not thoughtful or well-informed, just boilerplate “greed is good” jargon.