Seen & Heard: Two Pizza Recommendations

••• Thanks to the faithful reader who sent in this lovely photo of welding sparks at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub last night. Click on it for the full effect.

WTC Transportation Hub sparks••• And thanks to whoever it was who recently recommended Inatteso. I wanted to order in pizza last night, and so I gave it a try. (I’d been wary because it’s far away—down by the Ritz-Carlton—but compared to some of the other pizza options suggested by Seamless, such as one on Columbus Ave., that’s nothing.) It arrived hot and fast, and it was delicious. As some of us have learned the hard way, the square pies travel better.

••• Helpful info from CC: “It’s not listed on their menu for some strange reason, but Bar Cyrk often has fresh gluten-free pizza dough! Call ahead to ask if they are serving it that day. Some of the best gluten-free pizza I’ve had.”

••• Distilled sells its addictive popcorn in bags (along with caramel corn and “Granny’s Spiked Candy”).

••• Tribeca Tap House‘s downstairs music venue is called the L Room.

••• I was in Soho, walking down Greene when 56 Leonard caught me by surprise (again). It sure does loom.

56 Leonard from Greene••• And then I got another shock: The six-story building going up at the northwest corner of Canal and Greene—where a parking lot was—is going to be huge. Rendering here.

Canal and Greene••• Last AboCa item: I finally made it to the Maman bakery on Centre Street—across from the Police Building—and it lived up to the press. If you’re headed that direction, bear it in mind.



  1. That 56 Leonard building is going to be the fugliest building in the city. Already looks like a cheap Marbella housing block. Bet people are hanging their washing over the balconies within six months.

  2. Fortunately (Or sadly unfortunately) – I would venture to say that well over 1/2 of these units will not have full time residents. A lot of the owners will be foreign buyers or out of towers and will barely be there let alone hang laundry off their balconies. At this price point rest assured that all laundry will be done “off site”

    Tribeca keeps gaining expensive luxury apartments and commercial spaces without a large enough year round population of consumers to help support them.

    Would be great if more of the people who owned these apartments actually spent time in them, and were around to visit stores and restaurants and help support local businesses.

    As Erik has documented in the past few months have been a slew of local businesses closing down. This threatens the vibrancy of our neighborhoods and the cultural heritage that is New York.

    Would be nice if this could be turned around somehow.

  3. Glad you discovered Inatteso– one of our favorites!