Bubby’s Is Taking a Break

bubbys-by-tribeca-citizenA year or so, after Bubby’s opened an outpost in the Meatpacking District, rumors swirled that the Tribeca location would be closed; a condo conversion (I think) of the building it’s in added fuel to the fire. So the news that the Tribeca Bubby’s is closed for renovation would normally raise an eyebrow. Fear not: “We just signed a 20-year lease,” emailed owner Ron Silver. “We are excited. This is our 25th year, and we are happy to be as enthusiastic, more enthusiastic, than ever.” The renovation should take 10-14 days, he said.

From the archives: a fun interview with Silver on the occasion of Bubby’s 20th anniversary.

Update 1/17: Bubby’s is saying it might reopen as soon as Friday. Also, I was walking by the building yesterday afternoon, and it’s looking sharp!

Bubbys 120 Hudson


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  1. The classic. Very glad they signed a new 20 year(!) lease. I hope they are not paying too much, because those costs just get passed onto us :(