$9 Million Gym Renovation at 101 Warren?

101 WarrenI try to stay out of intra-building conflicts, except when it’s too juicy to resist. I got a voicemail from someone—presumably a resident of 101 Warren—who said that there was recently a vote on a $9 million gym renovation ($45,000 per unit), but the result has yet to be announced. According to the caller, some residents are up in arms because they gave their proxy to the board, and when the board voted yes, all proxy votes went that way, even though the board vote was not unanimous. Presumably, the bylaws dictate the situation, but isn’t that how proxies usually work? Anyway, let’s not get distracted! What’s important here is the $9 million gym renovation. Got plans? Details? Anything? Let’s see it: tribecacitizen@gmail.com or 917-209-6473, or we can do a dead drop somewhere.



  1. Wow! That must have been one heck of a stocking stuffer.
    Moral: please show up for board meetings

    Isn’t this a relatively new building? 10 years old at most.
    Would love to see pics of old gym versus new gym and what $9,000,000 will buy these days :)

  2. i live in 101, just to clear things up, it is not a gym renovation..
    it the whole amenity space.. the gym is just part of it..
    and yes it is a fairly new building.