In the News: North Cove Marina Will Be Handed Over to Brookfield

••• The Broadsheet says that North Cove Marina will officially be handed over to Brookfield Office Properties and Cuomo crony Andrea Farkas at Thursday’s board meeting of the Battery Park City Authority, “according an agenda for the meeting that was posted on the BPCA’s website.” Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer will be in the house: “I believe the Battery Park City Authority’s original Request for Proposals process for marina operators was flawed, and needs to be reopened with more emphasis on the community’s needs and more room for the community to be involved.”

••• Christophe Bellanca will be the chef of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon at Brookfield Place, and Patrick Gioannini is the GM. The restaurant is “taking on the look of Robuchon’s London location.” In other words, dark and glossy. “The space plans to feature several firsts, including a bar and lounge, and an outdoor area for drinks and small plates.” Not sure how those are firsts when London has a bar and a rooftop terrace, but whatever. —Eater Vegas

••• The New York Academy of Art ran “a weeklong workshop this month in which fine art students tried to give faces to 11 unidentified crime victims found over the years who were now being handled by the city medical examiner’s office.” —New York Times

••• “The same burglar who broke into Tribeca restaurant Añejo by smashing its front glass door with a fire hydrant cap also recently broke into a Financial District deli.” It happened on Jan. 15; this time he took $1,600. —DNAinfo

••• The New York Times interviewed 50 West architect Helmut Jahn: “The facade is stainless steel. It has a very transparent glass so it lets a lot of light in, and the corners of the building are huge sheets of curved glass. The stainless steel gives it a little different texture. Closer to the ground it gets more flat. As the building rises, it becomes more reflective. The idea is always that a building like this in a particular light merges with the sky. The building is on a very small site, and has a very small footprint. There was a requirement from a planning point of view, which we fully supported and were actually happy about, that we had to provide a plaza on the ground floor. And that’s actually why the building toward the base, it pulls in its belly and it slopes so that the urban space is adequate and a required size.” He says it’ll be done by mid-2016.

50 West rendering courtesy DBOX



  1. I’m betting Brookfield, in collusion with the BPCA, has cooked up some new construction project involving the Cove, which will have the neighborhood torn up for another 5 or more years.

  2. They’re going to build floating condos

  3. Not flowing condos , but condos and amenities on land (BPC public park space). Farkas specializes in “big yacht tourism”. Meaning condos and amenities for those parking yachts. Sadly, it will usurp public park for a private yacht club. Clearly illegal, but that Has Never Stopped The bpca before.

  4. Big yachts? What do you think took up half the marina before the BPCA put out the RFP?

  5. Simply a case of the rich eating the rich.