Seen & Heard: Adoro Lei Pizzeria Revisited

••• 30 Park Place is indeed topping out, with a party today. I was invited—which is nice!—and it’s tempting to see the views from the top, but we’ll have to let someone else do it.

••• From White Street restaurant: Starting this Sunday, “we will be offering a three-course prix-fixe menu, only on Sunday evenings and exclusively for our Tribeca neighbors!” Not sure how they verify you’re a local; maybe we can issue ID cards? Anyway, I’ll add the menu and price when I get it. There’s more: “We are also now hosting live children’s entertainment in the Empire Room [pictured], every weekend brunch from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Fun for the kids includes storybook reading, face painting, games, music and more.” UPDATE: Here’s the menu. The cost is $39 for an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, so you can ignore the prices at right. I also asked about proving you’re a local. The response: “This will be the menu for everyone, but we would love for neighbors to let us know that they do, indeed, live in the area so that we can give them the discount. If they don’t mention anything, we won’t just assume they live in Tribeca. They can speak to their server when they dine, or they can let us know when making the reservation (this way we can even note it and they won’t have to tell us over and over if they use that same name to reserve. It’ll just be in their guest notes for always).”

••• There’s been a spike in searches of “66 Leonard” on this site. Is something happening (or rumored to be) in the storefront that was once 66 and Matsugen? Or on the basement levels below it?

••• Went back to Adoro Lei yesterday for lunch. The pizza (I ordered the Casanova) was rather good—better than the first time—although I did have to ask for the music to be turned down. It was registering around 90 decibels on my decibel-meter phone app; that’s very loud, as per Eater, and there weren’t many folks eating there so it was all music.

••• From a reader: “As you know, nurse practitioner, Kerri Pedersen of Tribeca Pediatrics, passed away over the holidays, after a long 10 year plus fight with cancer. There is a fundraising event taking place this Saturday am; Kerri was a single mom and she leaves two boys behind. My kids are volunteering and skating, and we are inviting other kids to as well. The event will take place this Saturday, January 24, at 830 a.m. at the Rink at Brookfield Place. It is a skating event and a community bake sale. We also are looking for volunteers to bake (email”

••• Meant to mention a couple of weeks ago (and forgot) that fashion designer Boris Bidjan Saberi has opened a shop on Greenwich between Spring and Canal. I don’t know how long it’s been open—I don’t walk that block very often—so this could not be news at all. (Update: I see online that it opened in October.) Anyway, the brand is for men and women, and the window is striking.

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  1. It never occurred to me that you watch what people are searching for here, though it makes perfect sense.