Seen & Heard: Remembering Seaport Woodcarver Sal Polisi

Sal Polisi••• Seaport woodcarver Sal Polisi has passed away. South Street Seaport Museum interim president Jonathan Boulware wrote a lovely remembrance. Here’s part of it:

Eyeing me with a unique and difficult-to-describe mixture of welcoming smile and cautious suspicion (this was after all, Sal’s waterfront and I was an unfamiliar face), he greeted me. It didn’t take but a moment for his face to break into that unforgettable Polisi smile. I came to know that greeting better when I returned to the Museum years later and we began to work together planning for his installation of his figurehead “Penelope” on the bow of Wavertree. The greeting, and the hospitality that came with it, were a hallmark of Sal Polisi’s life. He always had time for a warm hello, a story, or a cup of coffee with the countless waterfront friends he developed over the years, from fishmongers to local police to visiting tourists. There’s still a table in a local restaurant with a small, hand-lettered sign that asserts the table is “Reserved for Sal Polisi.”

••• Nice Art Deco grillwork at 30 Park Place’s parking annex.

30 park place••• As expected, Pookie & Sebastian signage went up in the former Adeline Adeline space on Reade.

pookie and sebastian••• The president of Pace University is doing a Q&A with NYPD commissioner William J. Bratton on Feb. 2. RSVP here.

••• Did we know 56 Walker is being converted? Honestly, it’s hard to keep up. The teaser site.

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