Seen & Heard: Little Park’s Private Room

••• No snowstorm is going to stop Robert Janz.

••• I snapped a pic of Little Park‘s private room (downstairs, where Toro Lounge was). Looks nice! Which is good, because my husband’s company is having its annual dinner there….

Little Park private room••• You may have noticed that Tribeca Citizen has a marvelous new hand-lettered logo. (If you still see the old one, try shift + refresh.) We can thank the talented Erin Ellis for it. Can’t recommend her highly enough—the process was smooth and quick and a delight.

••• Sydney Hollis’s Collie is back with another amusing bro-rant. This one is about how you can come to his Super Bowl party, if you behave. Hollis throws us a Tribeca bone toward the end.

••• The James hotel’s new mural—by Paul Wackers—has been unveiled. From the release: “Featuring an intimate tableau of potted plants, personal mementos, and geometric shapes and lines, the vibrant still-life entitled “Slow Dance and the Daylight” blurs the line between reality and abstraction.”

THE JAMES NEW YORK And GREY AREA Unveil New Public Art Installation by PAUL WACKERS••• Opening Thursday at Cheryl Hazan: “Kingless Crown,” in which “Karim Ghidinelli poetically shifts his focus on individual process into a new realm. Mark making, poured enamel paint, stream of consciousness thoughts spiraled in words creating a fingerprint, process, and layers are all still prominent in this new body of mixed media on aluminum paintings.”

In Due Time by Karim Ghidinelli courtesy Cheryl Hazan