In the News: Canada Goose Infestation

Billion Oyster Pavlion courtesy FIgment••• “Two quirky pavilions—one woven from broken umbrellas and old stools, the other from materials used to cultivate oysters—will find a home on Governors Island this summer. The massive, eco-friendly canopies are the winners of Figment art festival’s annual City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition.” —DNAinfo

••• The Real Deal interviewed architect Santiago Calatrava, including about the World Trade Center Transportation Hub and the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

••• Sheldon Silver is stepping down as speaker. —New York Times

••• “No one wants to buy the Trump Soho’s condo-hotel units, so they may just be abandoned altogether” and turned into hotel rooms. —Curbed, summarizing Bloomberg

••• This is for anyone who went to Whole Foods this week: “Thanks to the burst of winter weather, you might find yourself thinking, ‘Am I experiencing hallucinations brought on by seasonal affective disorder, or is literally everyone wearing the exact same puffy coat?’ It’s not all in your head—and now, there’s evidence to back it up. Crain’s reports that sales of Canada Goose jackets emblazoned with the brand’s signature red, white, and blue arm patch, have been soaring in the U.S.” Not everyone! (I link to that photo with deep admiration.) —Racked


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