Another Locally Owned Business Is Forced Out

Gill and Lagodich facedeGill & Lagodich Fine Period Frame Gallery at 108 Reade is closing; the sign on the door says it lost its lease after 18 years there. Tracy Gill and Simeon Lagodich are looking for a new space—around 2,000 square feet with natural light.

For a glimpse into what they do, read this “Made in Tribeca” post.

UPDATE from Tracy Gill:

The landlord is dividing the space and asking considerably more than we’re paying.

It is actually impossible for us to completely close—we still have an inventory of several thousand antique frames we have spent over 25 years collecting! Our expertise will not go away either. Until we find a new physical foothold we will continue with virtual proposals and answer client queries via email. We will also be putting frames on our website. Ultimately though we still need a place to physically show frames.

As of Dec 31 we entirely vacated our vast inventory from the 3000sf basement level. We moved the bulk of our inventory off-premises to a warehouse for long-term storage of our thousands of frames. We are still occupying the upstairs gallery/gilding studio and hope to find a new home soon.

P.S. By the way, we are offering some pretty good deals on a lot of frames and mirrors (which is why we put price tags in the window for the first time ever).



  1. Tribeca’s turned into Little Hedge Fund Central. What made it a great area to live in no longer applies, we’ve lived in the area for 12 years and will be leaving in the next 12 months.

  2. I have lived in Tribeca for 30 years and while it has changed (drastically in some respects) it still has the wonderful urban qualities not found in too many places – good light, low rise buildings, good transportation, no crowds on the streets and friendly people. Now there are more people so not everyone will know everyone else, that’s true, but I personally like a little anonymity. The “new” folks came for the same reasons as the “old” folks, they like the relaxed feel of the neighborhood, the light and the now added benefit of being near Hudson River Park. So relax, the ‘hood is still terrific.

  3. 28-years in Tribeca. Well said, George.

  4. Agree. It is a great area. The folks who long for the “the good old days” should move out. The LES is probably more akin to what they are looking for currently.

  5. It would be a shame for the neighborhood to lose a high-quality shop like Gill & Lagodich, who are arguably the best in the city (and that means the world!) at what they do.