In the News: Bill Cosby Househunted Here

••• Bill Cosby is said to have looked at an apartment in Tribeca: “According to the source, after a nearly 20-minute walk-through of a $3 million apartment on Leonard St., Cosby agreed to buy it, then was driven back to the Upper East Side, where he hopped into a black Town Car and took off. ‘We never heard from him again. In fact, we tried numerous times to ask about the deal, and he was nowhere to be found,’ the source adds.” —Daily News

••• Book editor/publisher Judith Regan has (or had?) a loft in Tribeca; the New York Times profile is unclear.

••• A baby bat got trapped inside a Chase branch in FiDi over the weekend. —Gothamist

••• “The Peck Slip School is the city’s second public school to serve an exclusively vegetarian menu.” —DNAinfo

••• “BPCA Earned $167 Million Last Year. Excess Revenue Goes to City Treasury and to Support Affordable Housing.” —Broadsheet