In the News: Would You Pay $1 Million for a Terrace?

••• Eater likes Malaysian Kitchen, now open in Battery Park City.

••• You know what FiDi needs? Another cheap, ugly hotel. This one is at 100 Greenwich. —New York YIMBY

••• Manhattan Loft Guy plays “Value the Terrace” at 53 N. Moore—and determines that the outdoor space added $1 million.

••• Scouting New York visits 23 Wall, noting the damage on the north side: “At noon on September 16, 1920, a horse-drawn carriage pulled up beside 23 Wall Street, the headquarters of J.P. Morgan. One minute later, a timer detonated the one hundred pounds of dynamite hidden within, causing a massive explosion that literally rocked Wall Street for blocks in all directions.” (via Curbed)

23 Wall attack provenance unknown