Nobu Is Leaving Tribeca

195 Broadway_Generic 1.jpgBombshell!

From the New York Post: Nobu “is leaving its Tribeca home for 195 Broadway—in the heart of the Wall Street/World Trade Center area. By early 2017, Nobu will open in 14,384 square feet at the ‘wedding cake,’ the former AT&T building, including ground-floor space on the Fulton Street side and a portion of the lower level. Nobu and little-sister spot Nobu Next Door currently have 9,000 square feet at 105 Hudson St., where they will remain open through 2016, Nobu managing partner Drew Nieporent said.” Part of the charm—besides the extraordinary space—is that there’s room for private events.

The text above makes it sound as if Nobu Next Door is going, too, but the article doesn’t explicitly say so. I’ve reached out to Myriad Restaurant Group. UPDATE: Nobu Next Door is indeed moving.



  1. Seem like a perfect spot for a Starbucks and McDonalds.

  2. So sad to hear this. Both are the quintessential Tribeca restaurants! The neighborhood no longer has the charm it had even just a few years ago.

    • Yup. Absolutely true. It’s turned into adult Disneyland.

      • Well the Seaport area and Financial have been neglected for years. Now it’s our turn TriBeCa.. And to Valentina, the neighborhood has priced itself out. Who in their right minds wealthy or not wants to be ripped off in shops that need to pay 100,000 rent a month

  3. Nobu will be a TD Bank. Next Door Nobu will be a nail salon.

  4. At least they’re staying downtown, but this is very sad. What on earth will go in there? What’s at Chanterelle?

    • Jungsik (an upscale, high-end Korean restaurant) is in the old Chanterelle space. I am not sure how long they will last as I never see anyone in there. Food is supposed to be pretty good.

  5. Perhaps, ironically, an ATT store will move in?…

  6. So now we can just hop out of the train at Fulton Street, grab our touristy Freedom Tower beanie hat on the corner and pop in for a bite of Unagi before shopping at the new Zara? My NYC hurts.

  7. Though sad to see it leave its original space, Nobu isn’t going very far. Indeed, it is ushering the way for even more great restaurants in the greater FiDi/Tribeca neighborhood. Clearly this is great news for FiDi which will also be getting new restaurants from Tom Colicchio and Keith McNally. Other top restaurateurs are known to be looking for space as well.

  8. Is it a case of a greedy landlord….or a greedy restauranteur? Where’s the misplaced neighborhood anger?

  9. I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a case of bad taste.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Myriad kept the space and put another restaurant there. It believe I read that it was not a landlord/rent issue but just looking for a bigger space with private event space for Nobu.

    • Agreed. Unlike most businesses that no longer exist in Tribeca, Nobu was not pushed out because of high rent. Hopefully the space will be replaced by another fabulous restaurant that, ahem, doesn’t hurt my wallet.

  11. The neighborhood is losing it’s charm because the rents are so high. And then when a charming store moves in, no one shops or spends locally so it’s forced to close. The only local thrivers are Starbucks and Nail Salons (who pay their employees pennies). Only the big corporations can afford to maintain “Showrooms” in Tribeca. It’s a vicious cycle, but we do it to ourselves to some degree.

  12. I can get why Nobu would like more space. There’s no bar, and they turn away so much business. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d moved across franklin to the Tamarind space (which is huge and always seems so empty when I’m there)

  13. The bigger question is… how do we prevent Tribeca from becoming another Soho?