Seen & Heard: American Flatbread Isn’t Reopening

••• The next tenant in the former Los Americanos space—a “neighborhood bistro” à la Walker’s—looks like it’ll be ready to open very soon. You can peek in and see.

Los Americanos replacement••• American Flatbread has indeed closed for good. A shame.

American Flatbread••• A commercial for something is being filmed on Duane today. Amazing how many streets the shoot has to take over….

••• Brookfield Place shops are said to be opening around March 24.

••• The Supermarket—an exhibition and gallery space opening at 393 Broadway—put up some new signage; it appears to be a marquee (i.e., the wording can be changed). There had been a note in the window saying access would be by invitation only, which certainly wilted my enthusiasm. Time will tell.

The Supermarket••• I saw work happening in the storefront on W. Broadway (just north of Chambers) that had been home to Cosmo Daily News. I thought it would be part of Cafeteria, so maybe that’s back on track?

••• I hadn’t realized that Ada Nail & Spa (next to Le Pain Quotidien) is related to Affina Nail & Spa (a block away). Anyway, the former is closing for renovations.

Ada nail and spa••• If you followed TC on Instagram, you’d know that I was in Chile last week. I can’t recommend the new Singular hotel in Santiago and the Explora lodge in Patagonia enough. The latter, in particular, is in one of the most amazing settings I’ve ever seen. (Below: the view from our room.) Note: It’s not for kids unless they really love to hike.

Explora Patagonia



  1. American Flatbread closing is a shame. Two years ago, almost to the day, my wife and I got engaged there in the midst of the Nemo snowstorm on Feb 8, after it had turned into our neighborhood easy, local “Friday night date spot” down the street. Was always the perfect finish to a long week!

  2. I stayed at that Explora! I love seeing photos unexpectedly of it. I always say that that trip changed my life. I plan on takings kids when they are old enough- maybe 12/13.

  3. My husband and I went to the Explora Lodge on Easter Island in September and it was one of our best vacations ever. We intend to go to the Explora in Patagonia as well as the one in Atacama over the next couple of years as well. Highly recommend!!!!!!

    • I went to the Atacama one right when it opened (1998 or 1999). Just amazing—as a desert person, I probably preferred it to the Patagonia one, but I’ve also heard the area has been built up since then.

  4. Really disappointed about Flatbread. And very concerned that there are so many restaurants closing in Tribeca… :/

  5. So sad about American Flat bread. I do think the space was WAY too big. Also as a pizza-type joint they really should have upped their delivery. I once called in for delivery during a light rain storm, and they said they don’t deliver in the rain…! I guess I’ll have to go to VT to get their flat bread from now on.

  6. We had a running joke that American Flatbread had to be a front for some sort of international crime syndicate, because that amount of space was just ridiculous. The place had good food, but they were never going to get enough people to fill up that kind of space.

  7. The restaurant was way too big, and unfortunately the service wasn’t good. I liked the pizza enough, but it wasn’t spectacular either. I’m not surprised its closing. If they had nicer and quicker service and the place felt more comfortable to sit in (not like a vast great hall), I would have gone there more.

    On a side note, they sell their frozen pizzas at Whole Foods so for those who still crave their pizza, you can get them there.

  8. Sad news about Flatbread… The space was huge – they had rooms that most people are not even aware of.

    There seems to be a severe disconnect between the rent and reality in Tribeca – far too many businesses are drawn here because of the hype, and sink money in only to find out a few months down the road that unfortunately this hip location does not generate the type of walk in traffic or revenue they anticipated.

    Flatbread did do a decent job, good food, fair prices and livened and lit up a dark corner well into the night – they will be missed.

    Seems like nothing but bad news on the retail front… I hope the landlords are taking notice!

  9. We loved The Aubrey Hotel in Santiago! Can’t recommend it highly enough.