The Bubble Lounge Is About to Pop Its Last Cork

Bubble Lounge at 228 WBroadwayThe Bubble Lounge, at one point an iconic Tribeca hotspot, will be closing soon.

After I saw the “store for rent” sign outside the 228 W. Broadway entrance, I called the bar. The person who answered said the store in question is above the Bubble Lounge and I should call the landlord about it, but common sense and her chilly tone said otherwise. (Plus, the Bubble Lounge was founded in 1996, and 20 years is a likely time for the lease to expire.) So I called the landlord, who said the lease officially ends in July but things may come to a head sooner. Anyone interested will want to know that there’s a downstairs level and the asking rent is $35,000 a month.



  1. I don’t know how they’ve survived this long, unless they’re still paying 1996’s rent. I never see anyone in there.

  2. I think we are witnessing the developers solution for Tribeca.
    Take away all the small interesting buildings and light and space. Take away all the interesting stores and restaurants.. Replace them with cheesy suburban retail transplants and big bulky wannabe upper west side apartments and then people will REALLY (sic) want to live here.
    Oh yes and surround them with construction equipment 7/24!!
    This feels like the last days of disco ;)!

    • “Take away all the interesting stores and restaurants.”

      How many times did you go to the Bubble Lounge in the last year? Like CN, I never see anyone in there either. (Maybe they’re all downstairs in the champagne cellar.)

      If nobody goes there, they can’t pay the rent on the old lease, let alone a new one.

      • can’t believe 96 was 20 yrs ago….anyway I think this bar is actually what might have drawn some of the urban suburbanites down to this hood…I remember when it opened, because people from around here used to go to that music space/bar that was next to it and liquor store bar, and baby doll….jk….is anotheroom still there, and I used to think who are these people at this champagne bar, wtf, now they own the place.

  3. What ever came of this?

    2/11 Tribeca Committee – 6:00 PM
    Location: Community Board Office
    49-51 Chambers Street, Room 709 […]

    The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade, or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses or sidewalk cafe permits: […]

    • 228 West Broadway, application for renewal of liquor license for the Bubble Lounge

  4. I’ve been to the Bubble Lounge twice in the 8 years I’ve lived in TriBeCa. It’s actually quite a nice space. Curious to see what will come of the space. Hoping it’s an affordable restaurant..!

  5. Bubble Lounge… Harrison.. Nobu.. Nobu next door… Erik has done an amazing job documenting a lot of the changes in this neighborhood.

    Point is that there are seemingly thousands of new apartment units going up in Tribeca while at the same time we seem to be losing a lot of the interesting local businesses which helped create this neighborhood.

    I find the NYT articles regarding “absentee” ownership a bit eye opening as well.. Pretty sure a lot of these units will be bought by LLC’s or foreign ownership who will not spend a lot of time (or consequently $$) in the neighborhood.

    I know we all love this little neighborhood in which live- just something we should be aware of..

  6. Hey Tribecans….support your local restaurants. Don’t complain about businesses closing if you don’t support them. Stay in your hood. Stop shopping online. Eat, drink and shop local. Otherwise, a Denny’s and The Gap will pop up near you and you’ll have to go to Brooklyn to get a decent meal and threads. Smarten up!

  7. Posted on Facebook:

    The Bubble Lounge
    March 4 at 11:54am

    And the count down begins! The Bubble Lounge Tribeca will be officially closing at the end of March. No regrets friends – let’s drink plenty of champagne and enjoy these final weeks! Stop in tonight for happy hour from 5pm-7pm!!

  8. I live in CT. The Bubble Lounge has been a destination for me since it opened. I hope that they find a new location but at this point it seems doubtful. San Francisco is a long way, even for a glass of champagne.

    • And San Francisco was closed a few years ago 😱😥
      God I miss that lovely space, let alone NY closing 🙏❤️
      Where to go now Eric Benn??
      Amber former SF Employee ❤️