Seen & Heard: Hudson Reconstruction Update

••• Forgot to include this in the recap of last week’s CB1 Tribeca meeting…. The rep from the DDC mentioned that the Hudson reconstruction project will be wrapped up by the end of April.

••• Another Street Seats application (like the one for Laughing Man) has been added to this month’s CB1 agendas—this one for 121 Fulton. Wait, can you drink alcohol in those things?

••• The Dreaded Drill of Destruction™ in Bogardus Plaza this morning gave me a shock. I assume it’s related to the combined garden/plaza in the works, but as you know, we usually only see it when new construction is occurring. I reached out to Friends of Bogardus Garden to make sure nothing is up with a nearby building. Update: “It’s for some initial borings to determine exactly what lies beneath the northern section of the plaza.”

Bogardus plaza drill••• Press release: “Nic Esposito, Chris Tarry, and Cara Hoffman: three fantastic authors who are also parents read from their newest creative works at Personal Monsters, the March Pen Parentis Literary Salon. Readings and signings will be followed by a Q&A. The event takes place on Tuesday, March 10th at the Hotel Andaz at 75 Wall Street. The night kicks off at 7 p.m., and admission is free. RSVP is recommended through the Pen Parentis website.”

••• Bar Cyrk has put up a nice big heart for Valentine’s Day; you should probably go take a selfie in front of it to send to your beloved.