Seen & Heard: Broome Street Bar Isn’t Closing

••• Canal and Varick in 1914, according to @Ximligan, which tweeted it today.

••• Almond officially opens tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Heading over in a bit say hi.

••• Bummer at Crunch: “Earlier this morning, a pipe burst in the building causing our fire alarm and sprinklers to go off. As a result, the club is currently flooding and the fire department has evacuated everyone.” Update: Thanks to HH for the update that it’s back open.

••• I saw people inside the old Matsugen space at 66 Leonard today. Could something be happening there?

••• The New Amsterdam Library on Murray is closed for renovations; it’ll reopen on Feb. 23.

New Amsterdam Library sign••• A tip (which I verified) from D.: “Broome Street Bar just signed a new five-year lease.” This is news because the word last summer was that it was closing. And of course it’s always news when a longtime neighborhood spot can stay open.

••• Also from D., a somewhat random bit of praise (which is not to say it was unwelcome!): “Kings Pharmacy has a 5 cent copy machine in the back of the store just to the left of the prescription counter. It’s been there for at least fifteen years as I remember using it back in 2000 and it might be the only 5 cent copy machine in the area if not below W. 14th Street (there used to be several of these all over lower Manhattan.) I think it needs a name LOL. It’s a great alternative to the Duane Street Fed Ex Office’s ridiculous 13 cent copy machine (the only thing I don’t like about the store which is otherwise a solid neighborhood resource).”

Kings Pharmacy copy machine


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  1. Crunch is back open as of 5 PM today (nb I do not work there)