Petite Abeille Is Closing

Petite AbeilleA sign in the window of Petite Abeille says that the Belgian restaurant is closing this Sunday after 16 years on W. Broadway—but first, it’s hosting a “brunch farewell party” this weekend. The deal: “Pay what you paid in 1999.”

I worry about every small business in Tribeca, but I especially worry about affordable restaurants.

As for Petite Abeille, it appeared to be opening at 4 New York Plaza.

Petite Abeille sign



  1. There is no business so there is no business.

  2. This is very, very sad. We loved Petite Abeille, especially their lobster dinner specials on Thursdays. It was a great neighborhood restaurant.

  3. So upset to hear this. We ate there often and it was always vibrant and busy! That rent, it’s too damn high!

  4. They never appeared before CB1’s Financial District Committee to get their liquor License approved at 4 NY Plaza. I keep hoping to see it on the agenda.

  5. Everyone keeps referring to the high rents that are driving the small restaurants out of business. Folks fail to appreciate 2 very substantial changes brought on by Deblasio that are detrimental to small businesses in the city. The first is the proposal to substantially raise the minimum wage and guarantee a floor for tip-based workers. The second is the new requirement to provide 5 sick days for such workers. Combined with higher rents, it will be very difficult for many small businesses, especially restaurants, to stay in business. Of course, this is not limited to Tribeca. It has merely become more palpable for us because we live here. It is a real shame, but there is no turning back as long as these new regulations are imposed on NY small business owners.

  6. Yes, it’s unfortunate that many restaurant owners will now experience the same difficulty in making ends meet as it has been for their minimum wage & tip-based workers. A business model based on paying your employees the minimum and relying on your customers to make up the difference isn’t a great business model. Although, I am probably wrong.

  7. I had a great salmon burger at Petite Abeille the other night and it was delicious. I am happy to hear they are re-opening nearby, I will surely look for them You can probably add payroll tax to the list of reasons they are being forced to close…

    • So sorry. Brioche French Toast with fruit has been my favorite but everything they did was terrific esp. on holidays. bon voyage. it was good to know ye. Dan Alterman

  8. Thank you for letting us know. We went and had one last meal there – again with a bustling happy vibe.

  9. I just tried to call to see if we could have one last dinner there on Sunday and the phone is “temporarily disconnected.” Oh no!!! Are they already closed???

    Our kids spent many an enchanted hour there reading those Tintin books. We are a couple of hundred miles north right now but will speed back if they’re really still gonna be open this weekend!

    Please advise…

  10. I always enjoyed this place, they had consistently good food, a focused selection of beers and wines, and a great staff.

    I have been going to this place for many years and have also had lovely visits with my daughter since she was like 2 yrs old .(now 5). Always a nice experience and never disappointed with the food or service.

    Please lets not kid ourselves, the ridiculous rent drove this great little spot all the way from profitability witha sea of happy guests, to the jagged edge of a cliff, and the other factors mentioned above played a SMALL role in finishing the job..
    The numbers are easy to calculate.. Rents in Manhattan are creating a forum where passion and entrepreneurship play no role in whether or not a business can throw their hat in the ring . .

    Who suffers? Both the business owner / entrepreneur ,
    and the customers, as evidenced here. .