Seen & Heard: The Perfect Dish on a Cold Night

••• The “70% off” signs in the window at Art et Maison on N. Moore made me worried it was leaving, but when I went inside, I was told they’re gearing up for a renovation. (I was also gently chided for not coming by ever before….) Almost everything—furniture, kitchens, objects—is on sale, and will be for at least another month.

art et maison••• “Has anybody ever been to what appears to be a little chapel at the top of 74 Trinity Place?” asked Sarah. “Plus, the tower at the very top has a lovely gothic ‘Zuul’ quality to it.” Sounds like someplace I’d love to see. You listening, Trinity Church?

••• When I saw shishito peppers on the menu at Añejo, I expected the usual blistering and salting. But the dish is something very different: The peppers are blistered, but they’re served like rajas, with chipotle sofrito, chorizo, lime aioli, and warm tortillas. Heaven on a cold night.

••• Warburg Realty and Element 6 Arts are having a party next week, to which you’re invited.

Warburg and Element 6 Arts••• I hadn’t been in Best Made Company on White in a while—the shop has really taken over the space. Worth checking out if you like well-designed gear and clothing.

••• Checking in on the block of northwest Tribeca that’s about to be almost entirely down….

31 Desbrosses 268 west 432 Washington

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  1. Anejo: do you intend to start delivery service any time soon?

  2. SJW, very soon. 3 weeks