In the News: “The Most Desirable Neighborhood of All”

••• AgencySpy learns more about the Supermarket, Exposure ad agency’s “culture-meets-commerce space” opening March 26 at 393 Broadway: “The very first exhibition housed in the space will be a collection of film and photography sponsored by Exposure client G-Shock. For the next project, [Exposure CEO Raoul] Shah tells us that several British fashion brands that remain obscure to American consumers plan a ‘retail installation’ in which they partner with other, unnamed creative parties.” IT will indeed be open to the public, despite the sign in the window. Also of note: The live webcam at (It’s since been disabled and the URL redirects to When I looked at it yesterday, I got to watch the guy above mopping. It was sort of mesmerizing.

••• There’s a long—and I mean long—article in the New York Observer on how Tribeca became “the most desirable neighborhood of all,” a.k.a. “the place where the kind of people who can afford to live anywhere prefer to be,” a.k.a. “the unrivaled titan of Manhattan real estate, the preferred seat of masters of the universe, creative kingpins and celebrities,” a.k.a. a neighborhood with the “ability to make new money seem crisp rather than gauche,” a.k.a. “the kind of place where those with wealth take pains to conceal it,” a.k.a. “a neighborhood that eschews the matronly,” a.k.a. “the kind of neighborhood that manages to be hip without veering into the raucousness of happening. The kind of neighborhood that continues to imply creativity without being too specific about it. The kind of neighborhood where one can live very comfortably without sacrificing one’s cool.” As this kind of piece goes—generalization stacked atop generalization, like so much bluestone—it’s relatively nuanced.

••• The South Street Seaport’s indoor Fulton Stall Market is open, with “six or seven food vendors on Saturdays and Sundays for the remainder of the winter, and then some additional vendors in the late spring. During the week, the Fulton Stall Market will have some food available for sale but the vendors themselves will not be present.” Nice to see that “Grace Clerihew of Table Tales is selling some of her wonderful cooked food.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• “The founder of Battery Park City [Charles Urstadt] has proposed naming its last major piece of infrastructure [West Thames Bridge] in honor of a longtime civic champion of Lower Manhattan [Robert R. Douglass]. —Broadsheet



  1. To add to the desirability of not just Tribeca, but also the fast rising Financial District and Battery Park City is this report from The Citizens Committee for Children (CCC), an advocacy organization that documents and analyzes statistical trends affecting the lives of young people throughout New York City. It says that our neighborhood is overall “THE BEST” place to raise a child in the entire city! It identifies CB1 (The Financial District/Tribeca and Battery Park City) as the overall best environment in the five boroughs for children. The CCC’s study, “Community Risk Ranking: Child Well-being in New York City’s 59 Community Board Districts,” ranks various neighborhoods by five overall metrics: economic security, housing stability, educational development, healthcare, and family environment. By nearly all of these yardsticks, CB1 is associated with either the best, or nearly the best outcomes for children. This is yet another reason for the continuing transformation of our neighborhood as more and more people and families in particular, want to live here. Read the full report here:

  2. I’d add that Tribeca is also one of the “most desirable” places for those who sell real estate… at least that’s what I took away from the Observer piece.

  3. Wow. Everything I hate about the new Tribeca in one puff piece! Shamanistic workouts? Nanny’s wearing $700 winter coats? Please.

    And not until deep in the article do they state that the reason the apartments are the most expensive is because of their size, undercutting a main premise of the article.

    As an over 60 year old who has lived and/or hung out in Tribeca since 1976, do I really have to buy a new wardrobe to be accepted? isn’t funky eyewear enough?

    Spare me.