Another Restaurant Has Closed

AlbellaK. emailed that Albella, the Italian restaurant at Reade and Elk (east of Broadway) has closed. The sign on the door says it actually closed on January 16, but this winter, can any of us be blamed for not venturing far afield?

It’s been a hell of a few months around here, and I don’t mean the weather. Local businesses that have closed (or are about to) since the start of October:

Telepan Local
Ivy’s Bistro
The Harrison
American Flatbread
Maslow 6
Petite Abeille
Tribeca Pizzeria (imminent)
Subway on Chambers (would seem to be imminent)
Tribeca Deli
Cafe Boca Ciega (imminent)
Gill & Lagodich Fine Period Frame Gallery (looking for a new space)
Los Americanos
Hotel Particulier
New Fancy Food deli
508 Gastrobrewery
Adeline Adeline
Kristin Hanson Jewelry
Belita Nails
Tribeca Watch Repair

That’s off the top of my head—I’m sure I missed some—and it’s not including the Bubble Lounge (definitely out by July, when its lease is up). Some of these simply failed; some are victims of dramatic rent increases; some are in buildings that are being torn down. No matter what, all could’ve used more business. Support your community.



  1. Sad to see some of those places go, but others just didn’t make the cut. And let’s not forget all the additions to the neighborhood in the last year and a half..

    white street
    church st tavern
    the butterfly
    tribeca kitchen
    washinton market tavern
    bikini bar

  2. Businesses throughout NYC have been closing, no doubt for the many reasons you suggest. But can you really say that any issue in this town is more daunting than untethered rents? The Union Square Cafe must leave Union Square, for goodness sake, and that’s a business regarded as superlative in just about every way, from an entrepreneur with a sterling level of success and experience. It’s the flagship of his operation and has been around for 3 decades. What chance does a daring startup shop have? When I see comments from proponents of laissez faire rent policies, spiked with venom and derision for Mayor DeB’s efforts to curb this rise, and I’m simply perplexed.

  3. Capitalism’s a beautiful thing.

    • Yup…
      Part Two will be all the landlords trying to make deals for their empty spaces…
      West Village & Soho have a very similar problem as well.

      Overpriced… it’s a waiting game..

    • Nothing wrong with capitalism, imo, but Rohin is right – is this to become a city of landlords? Will owning the building be the only way people can capitalize their businesses and conduct their lives in our next century? Let’s not forget that one must have the stakes in hand to begin with to participate in that arena. For a kid who can’t walk the game of musical chairs is over before it begins.

  4. I understand Woodrow’s is for sale.