In the News: Inside the Condé Nast Cafeteria

Conde Nast cafeteria by raheezygebreezy••• Pix of the Condé Nast cafeteria (including this one by Rahel Gebremeskel) at 1 World Trade Center. I’d rather see the one at Goldman Sachs…. —New York Post

••• The Cortlandt Street 1 station “likely won’t reopen until 2018.” —NBC (via Curbed)

••• A contractor is suing Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber over unpaid bills for work at their Washington Street apartment. —New York Post

••• “Work started this weekend at 125 Greenwich Street, the future site of the 1,356-foot tower that Michael Shvo (along with Bizzi Partners) is developing, which, going by the renderings, looks like it’s going to be a tall, slim, completely unembellished glass rectangle.” —Curbed

••• Winnie’s, the popular Chinatown karaoke bar, is closing after 28 years. Adam and I once sang “9 to 5” there. Maybe we should’ve chosen Beck. —Eater

••• Scouting New York on the terra cotta angels gracing 150 Nassau. There are lots of great photos, although I’m partial to the mid-renovation one below, courtesy Boston Valley Terra Cotta. The globe lights atop the building are back on, which is nice. (via Curbed)



  1. I am devastated about Winnie’s!! Almost two decades of [hazy] memories there!

  2. Loved Winnie’s. In the early nineties I watched someone in the booth next to me buy a gun in a paper bag.

  3. Are there rats in the Conde Nast cafeteria? Or did the rat problem at the WTC get taken care of?