Now We Know What’s Happening to This Building

We knew something was up with the building pictured above (438-440 Greenwich) when Prima Auto & Truck Repair moved out in January and an “application for exterior restoration and storefront infill” appeared on last month’s CB1 Landmarks agenda. The Tribeca Trib went to the meeting and found exactly what: Related Companies “plans to restore and convert the one-story garage into a shiny real estate office complete with model apartment” for the 13-story, 44-unit condominium that it’s building at 268 West (along West from Vestry to Desbrosses). Another bit of news that came out of the meeting: The condos will be designed by Robert A.M. Stern, who also did 30 Park Place.

With welcome windows added to the Vestry side, the sales office will be there for around two years, after which point the space will presumably become a children’s boutique. (Also unclear is what’s happening to the one-story buildings to the north.) In a nice touch, architect Joseph Levine of Bone/Levine Architects, which is handling the sales office and consulting on the condo, is leaving the awesome sign on the corner (pictured below).

I have a call in to Bone/Levine about running a rendering of the sales office; in the meantime, you can see it on the Trib’s post. UPDATE: The rendering, by CraftStudios, is below. Could the couple in the foreground be Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, appropriated from a paparazzi shot…?

440 Greenwich rendering



  1. classic. not to state a cliche. but
    a/ td bank b/ cleaners / c nails d/ re sales office.

  2. News Flash … A New development in Tribeca less than 10 stories high :)

    It will probably last as long as they have unsold units … Or maybe not even that long….

  3. You have quite the keen eye. I just googled “emma stone and andrew garfield walking” and went to images and look what I found!!!

    • You doubted me? In my defense—since “quite the keen eye” could easily be translated as “no life”—I have a constant Twitter search on the word Tribeca, and whenever young celebrities are photographed in the area, the pix get tweeted over and over and over. So I see the photo hundreds of times.