Another Week, Another Deli Closes

DownTownDeli3Downtown Deli at 107 Church (between Murray and Park Place) has closed, reports Sam: “Yesterday morning I noticed a handwritten sign in the window that said ‘Closing Early’ and I peeked into the store window and noticed the place was cleaned out. Today there’s a ‘For Rent’ sign in the window. What happened? Is this place a casualty of a rent hike?”

That’s the most logical explanation—not to mention, of course, the competition from places like Whole Foods, the Amish Market, Aroma, Pret a Manger, and so on. The owner of that retail strip has to be looking at 30 Park Place going up a block away and dreaming bigger…. (Note: The photo below is from Google Maps, which hasn’t sent the street view car around lately—it’s from 2008, when 30 Park Place was still a hole in the ground.)

I can’t even keep track anymore of how many delis and bodegas have closed in the past few years.

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Downtown Deli courtesy Google Maps



  1. Where are TriBeCans to get cheap breakfast sandwiches?? As a native NYer I love me a good deli egg sandwich…

  2. I highly recommend the nearby and excellent Corner Gourmet at the corner of W. Broadway and Murray. They recently did a renovation and the place looks nice and clean. Prices are still low and the egg and cheese sandwich is terrific. I also recommend the “Godfather” Italian hoagie sandwich they sell.

  3. Shame about Downtown Deli. It was a handy little place, although they weren’t open on Saturdays which was always curious to me given there’s lots of foot traffic and another day of revenue wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Lenny’s probably took a fair bit of their business away also, which as its a big and growing chain, has no appeal to me. Church St Kitchen still seems to be plugging along, and they have good breakfast sandwiches, HH. There’s always the Stage Door Deli too…and they deliver.

  4. Go to the deli at Duane between church and Broadway
    Solid breakfast sandwiches
    Very fresh salad bar during lunch hours
    Good sandwiches
    Juice bar
    The beignets however are the star of the show
    Easily on par with cafe du mond in NOLA
    The owners seems to be always watching the
    staff to ensure quality

  5. Also highly recommend Imperial Coffee House on Chambers and Church, while it lasts (heard from Tribeca Citizen that someone bought the building!). Great breakfast deals here under $5-6 to eat in or to go. Looks like a greasy spoon but is spotless and efficiently run.

  6. Downtown Deli at one point had the best pastrami sandwich in the area. I’m not crazy about Lenny’s sandwiches or Amish market for that matter. Amish market used to have a really nice deli counter, but recently they scaled down their deli/sandwich counter. In my opinion, Bits and Bites on Park Place still has some nice hefty sandwiches, with nice assortments of bread/rolls. My favorite is the roast beef on a rosemary roll.