In the News: Ball Fields to Be Opened to Outsiders

••• “Worries over the future use of the [Battery Park City ball fields] by Downtown sports leagues and other local community and school groups has been sparked by the authority’s decision to open the field permitting process to organizations outside of Lower Manhattan. The three-year agreements that had granted near-exclusive field permits to Downtown Little League, Downtown Soccer League, Manhattan Youth and local schools all ended in 2014.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Checking in with Manhattan Yacht Club and the Manhattan Sailing School, now based in Jersey City. —Downtown Post NYC

••• Manhattan Loft Guy looks at the sale of an apartment in the American Thread Building—not just any apartment, but one he owned in the ’80s.

••• In his Grub Street Diet, Saveur editor Adam Sachs mentions a sign for bagels I’ve meant to take a photo of for a while now—it’s at the deli on Sixth, near Prince, and it says “Freshly Baked at Dawn in an Italian Bakery.”



  1. BPCA seems to be going out of their way to not function as a community organization. This group of people who get their positions because of their relationship to the governor needs to be disbanded. The last thing they do is act in the community’s best interest. The article states this is the second time they have acted against the community interests but they also tried to close the Community Center at Stuyvesant to force people to pay exorbitant membership fees to Asphalt Green. If not for it being written into a law that the Community Center had to be maintained, that would have been gone too.

  2. I live in BPC and am happy that the fields will be open to outside groups. I don’t see any reason why Downtown Little League, Downtown Soccer League and Manhattan Youth should “own” the ball fields as they do now.

    They get use of them basically for free, all year long. There are many other organizations that can also serve the community that should be a given a chance to do so. I think it would be great to have competitive sports leagues access our fields. I hate having to travel to Chelsea Piers and Asphalt Green – on the the Upper East side – for my child to participate in a competitive league. DLL,DSL,MY wield such power over the BPCA that the BPCA even refuses to let local Asphalt Green run leagues on the fields!