In the News: City Hall Park Revamp

City Hall Park plaza••• Friends of City Hall Park finally got the Parks Department to commit to coming up with a new design for the plaza at the northeast corner. Also, the group is pushing for better access to the lawns flanking the Tweed Courthouse. —Broadsheet

••• “The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, located at the foot of West Street, may be converted entirely to apartments, if the board of the condominium housed in the building’s tower has its way.” —Broadsheet

••• “Auto thieves have swiped at least 20 Zipcars—mostly luxury vehicles such as Mercedes-Benzes, BMWs and Audis—from lower Manhattan parking lots since July.” —New York Post

••• “Grassroots group Save Our Seaport has serious issues with Howard Hughes Corporation’s plan for the redevelopment of the historic neighborhood, and has issued an alternative plan for proceeding with the redevelopment of the area.” —Curbed

••• More renderings of the “Dryline,” as architect Bjarke Ingels has rebranded his “Big U” proposal to protect New York City from another superstorm. That’s Battery Park, below, as rendered by BIG. —Curbed



  1. Ummmm, Did I miss something in the SOS press release? I see a lot of plans for the seaport, but what I DON”T see is how or who will pay for any of it! Seriously! Where is their plan to pay for everything they want? As for a Harbor School Middle School, I say absolutely not. This area needs schools for our LOCAL kids and not schools open to students from throughout the city. Just today we heard of another 170 apartment coming to 75 Nassau Street and the possibility that the Ritz Carlton will become Condos adding several hundred more homes. We need schools and HHC has offered to build one.

  2. Zip Unzipped? :D

  3. What I find most interesting about the comment from Luis above is the naive and ingenuous belief that HHC will actually do what they say will do, when they have the go ahead for their South Street Seaport development. IF they actually would follow through on what they have variously promised to do, there MIGHT be a case to support them although that is questionable. Unfortunately, HHC, along with a number of other real estate developers in New York City have failed to deliver on their promises when they have been given the go-ahead to develop. The large development in Brooklyn and even Battery Park City being only a couple of examples, I am sure that there are others. HHC have, over the past months, been masters of opacity, misleading information, secrecy and subterfuge over the whole development. What grounds would leave a reasonable individual to trust them to carry out all the wonderful community blandishments they have suggested that they would?