Seen & Heard: Grazin’ Is Open

••• The block of northwest Tribeca that’ll be a Related condo (268 West) and presumably a Ponte Equities–owned rental building is nearly totally demolished. A worker told me he thought the building in dead center would be left up, but I don’t think so.

northwest demolition for 268 West••• Grazin’, the farm-to-table diner burger restaurant on Reade (between Church and Broadway), is open for lunch and dinner. Full report to come.

Grazin Tribeca••• The conversion of Koh Art Gallery to Cloud Gallery (at 66 W. Broadway) has unearthed a wonderful old sign. Too bad it won’t last—it reminds me of when Manhattan was funky. (Photo by Andrea.)

••• Something called “Doubt” is filming in south Tribeca on Wednesday. It must be “ABC’s legal drama […] from House creator David Shore.” Carla Gugino is in it—she’s a friend of a friend, and she’s so lovely.

••• Signage for Saks Fifth Avenue went up. Photo courtesy Brookfield Place.

Saks courtesy Brookfield Place••• There’s work going on in the storefront at 285 Broadway, between Chipotle and that strange pharmacy. I imagine we can expect an announcement soon. (Just walked by again: The building is 281, but the storefront is labeled 285.)

••• Anyone know why Citigroup has a drill along the West Street side of 388 Greenwich? We usually see it only when development of some kind is planned.

388 Greenwich CItigroup drill



  1. I’m sorry $10.50 for an egg sandwich with french fries is way too organic for me!

    • I’ll say it again: If anyone really feels the need to publicly reject a new neighbor, at least have the courtesy of visiting it first.

      • Sorry to disagree. It’s obvious that my comment is not a review but an opinion on what would bring me to try a new establishment. After reviewing the menu and the prices, I would not pay $10.50 for an egg sandwich.

        • I guess what I find frustrating is how often everyone around here frets about independent businesses not being able to survive, and then posts negative comments about them. If you don’t want to go, don’t go! But you don’t have to broadcast it.

          Sorry to take this out on you. It happens every time I post about a new restaurant—and it’s always right after I’ve told the people opening it how happy we are to have them here.

          P.S. The Grazin’ in Tribeca isn’t serving breakfast, so while the prices are still relatively high (please see the New Kid on the Block post for the restaurant’s explanation), you won’t be faced with a $10 egg sandwich there.

  2. They were filming Madam Secretary on the 10th floor of 125 Worth (Dept of Health building) yesterday.

  3. I’m excited to try Grazin’. It is expensive and takes commitment to provide ethically raised food, and I heartily applaud what they are trying to do.

    • I fully agree! I would much rather pay a higher price for farm-to-table ethically raised food – over mass-produced factory-farm crap that you get everywhere else – and applaud what they are doing! This concept is a great addition to the neighborhood I can’t wait to try it!!

  4. i wonder if Grazin will serve Veggie Burgers. menu?

  5. It’s so great to have a new mid-range restaurant in the neighborhood. And even better that it’s farm-to-table! Welcome, Grazin’!