Maison Kayser Has Taken the Harrison Space

The Harrison 355 GreenwichMajor thanks to Jacques who pointed out that Eric Kayser will open a Maison Kayser boulangerie and restaurant in the Harrison space. According to the brand’s website, it’ll be ready this summer. It’ll be the seventh or eighth Maison Kayser to open in New York in the past two and a half years, depending on whether the West Village location debuts first.

Also from the website:

Founded by Eric Kayser in Paris in 1996, Maison Kayser is an authentic artisanal French Boulangerie, meaning that bread and other baked goods are mixed and baked on-site all day long. […] In 1996, he opened his first bakery, Rue Monge, in the heart of the Quartier Latin in Paris, France. It was an immediate success and as of today, Maison Kayser has over 100 shops in over 20 different countries! […] In August 2012, the first Maison Kayser opened in the United States, on the Upper East Side in New York. Immediately celebrated by the customers and the press as having the best baguette of NY (New York Magazine 2013), Eric Kayser has since opened several bakeries in Manhattan […] In addition to having an artisanal French bakery retail shop, most Maison Kayser locations in NYC feature a French style sit-down café, that offer a wide selection of Eric’s favorite savory prepared dishes.

And here’s a lunch menu from one of the Upper East Side locations. It’s about as French as can be, with onion soup, croque monsieur, duck rillettes, quiche Lorraine, and so on.

Maison Kayser menu1 Maison Kayser menu2



  1. I do not know Maison Kayser, but am excited about this news. I miss The Harrison, but I also love French boulangerie and bistros. Can’t wait! Thanks for the update.
    (PS – Am happy it’s not Starbucks.)

  2. I do know Maison Kayser and welcome it to our neighborhood. I do wonder if the prices will be higher at their Tribeca outpost than other locations as I imagine rent is higher in Tribeca. I am happy that it’s an “everyday” place vs. an expensive, high-end destination restaurant. We can certainly use more casual and affordable eateries around here!

  3. Meh. But it’s not starbucks.

  4. I have no idea how this restaurant is going to afford the rent when The Harrison could not, but I will stop speculating now and just be happy that it’s a restaurant and not a Zara.

    • I think they will get a good amount of foot traffic for coffee and baked goods to go along with it, lunch and afternoon snacks, especially by Citi employees.

  5. I’m with Sigh: I’m so sad that the Harrison shut, and can’t imagine that a chain bakery will fill its shoes, in either economic terms or in becoming a spot that we’ll all be proud to have as a neighbor.

    • Its so interesting to see the misinformed people spout! The Harrison was a wonderful restaurant , however; Maison Kayser is a current, world class French boulangerie They are NOT a chain and they are providing all of us with scrumptious products priced fairly. The breads are baked fresh on site , and the handmade pastrys compliment the fresh and ever growing cafe menu.. Not only will the prosper, they will be warmly welcomed by this tribeca resident!

  6. I’m with Sigh, too. The landlord could’ve done alot better. Why not a ’50s themed diner with a bar and a jukebox serving all kinds of food? Gee Whiz and TriBeCa’s Kitchen are overpriced, Imperial Coffee House and Square Diner close too early (6pm and 9pm respectively.)

    A diner in The Harrison space would be a big hit with IPN residents, Citibank building workers, neighborhood residents especially famlies etc. It’d be much closer to get to than the aforementioned diners.

    • A diner? Give me a break. No one cares about IPN or Citi folks. The neighborhood has a lot more character when it caters to its real owner residents. You also clearly do not understand the economics of restaurants.

      • A chain French bakery? Gimme a break. Real “character”.

        Gee Whiz Diner on Greenwich Street has been open since the early-mid 1990s, Imperial Coffee House since the 1930s/40s, and Square Diner since the 1920s, so I am well versed in the “economics of restaurants” i.e. I know diners esp. ones with classic and current cuisine can and do work down here. It helps that Square Diner’s owner owns the land but SD could’ve closed down due to lack of business many years before the neighborhood housing boom and after 9/11 but didn’t close down. Cornerstone Grill isn’t a diner but it’s been serving ordinary food since 1991, so you lose. No IPN no alot of stuff down here like Food Emporium (thus Whole Foods), PS 234, Washington Market Park, BMCC, the late ’80s buildings along Greenwich starting at Reade Street etc. so you lose even more.

        Oh so because I don’t “own” I’m not a “real” TriBeCa resident hahahaha. I’ve been living in TriBeCa since 1975, most likely as long as you if not longer, and I’m one of the many reasons why you and many others own down here, ok? I, other IPNers, artists, and other working people paved the way for you to come down here, punk.

        ‘Love your anti-IPN and Citi remark. Take away IPN and Citi and this area is a ghost town again – Greenwich Street looks like a ghost town now with all the closed businesses along it. Or it’s a playground for the rich complete with chain stores and highpriced restaurants and stores with zero “character”. But you can scoff at us from your lofty loft.

  7. Iew, yuck. This is depressing.

  8. This place is great! Just remember, pastries = transfats = statins, so don’t their amazing pastries too often.

  9. A giant yawn. It’s going to fit right in with the rest of Greenwich St. Sarabeths is like “no, *you’re* so beautiful! Let’s get our nails done and a kale salad with these other two beautiful sisters I want to introduce you too, Mulberry and Vine!”

  10. This place better be accommodating all the mommy strollers that it will soon be seeing.

  11. Tribeca is shot. Plenty of real locals here (mostly ones that moved to the area before 9/11) are only waiting until these hideous residential skyscrapers finally go up before cashing out on their properties & moving elsewhere, most likely out of the city.

  12. best croissant ever! maison kayser will survive.

    • Hi ; I worked at the Food Emporium 777 Greenwich for 5 years I LOVE THE AREA!! Currently I’m a Floor manager at Maison Kayser…
      You can’t image how happy I am; of we are going to Greenwich!!! It’s a great company full of pasionate people, great products. The quality of are products are “to die for” The fresh baguettes, the croissants!! The coffee!
      I’m not saying all this because I work @ kayser…Im saying this because I believe in what we do!! It’s just simplicity full of Flavor and Passion .

  13. This seems like a great use of the space – and the outdoor area – and I’m cheering anything that isn’t a starbucks!! Looking forward to it!

  14. I for one think this is good news. I’d say Kayser’s baguettes are the best available in the city, better than PQ, Arcade, Amy’s, etc. From what I’ve experienced at some of the other locations, Flatiron, UES and now Bryant Park, the locations are busy meeting/dining destinations because the food is good and reasonably priced. I’m happy to have a good bakery and restaurant all in one enter the neighborhood.

  15. Maison Kayser is really the best patisserie I have ever been in, anywhere in the world. It is a real value add for Tribeca. Real quality

  16. San Francisco’s La Boulanger was family since ’96. Starbuck’s decided that they wanted to get into food, and a few years ago they bought La Boulange.

    So long local French baker, hello Starbucks.

    (You’ll see little “La Boulange” signs next to the french pastries and sandwiches in your favorite starbucks)